Natural remedies for coronavirus – Demand and Supply

Natural remedies for coronavirus

Natural remedies for coronavirus become more popular and demanded. Philadelphia PA medical doctor, homeopath, Oriental Medicine practitioner, and herbalist Victor Tsan says that the demand for homeopathic and Chinese herbs for viruses has increased by 200% at his medical center since March 1, the day Big Apple announced its initial appearance of the new coronavirus COVID-19.

“For me, it was like somebody turned a power switch on,” said Dr. Tsan, medical director of the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic, who had stocked up and had a sufficient depot of homeopathic remedies and herbs on hand for his patients.

Natural Partners, Lhasa, Seroyal, and Emerson Ecologic – largest nationwide natural remedies suppliers and longtime suppliers to practitioners like Dr. Tsan, have reported a similar surge in demand for Homeopathic and Traditional Chinese remedies used as immunostimulants for respiratory and other illnesses.

Prevent COVID-19 using Natural remedies for coronavirus

To fight the outbreak in China, the country that has reported approximately 81,000 infected individuals, the government originated a series of alternative researches, clinical trials, and prophylactic programs that include Homeopathy, Herbal Medicines, and Acupuncture protocols, which are broadly used in the world’s most crowded land. All these techniques fall into the category of Natural remedies for coronavirus.

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognized Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques such as acupuncture and medicinal herbs, conferring more conventional appreciation to the medical approaches, which are more than 2,500 years old.

Major wholesale suppliers of natural remedies (Lhasa, Crain, etc.) report that average orders for herbal formulas used to fight viral flu-like symptoms and enhance the functionality of an immune system almost doubled in price since late January as officially confirmed infection of coronavirus started spreading worldwide and nationwide.

Today in the morning, one of the natural stores in Montgomery county was bustling with actions as the gentle odor of Chinese medicinal herbs blew through the air. Contrary to the setting of an imposing apothecary cupboard, employees placed dry herbs onto out-of-date weighing scales as clients placed orders for herbal combinations that include honeysuckle, cinnamon twig, peony root, and other remedies.

Since the epidemic or even pandemic started, affiliates of the supportive TCM community have been distributing recipes for preclusion and healing, thus boosting the demand for particular components and driving up cost, Dr. Tsan said.

The world in Numbers – Spread of Coronavirus

The number of individuals infected by the coronavirus already reached 22 deaths in the US as of Sunday, March 15th and 6,455 worldwide, frequently manifest symptoms of simple flu that we have every year, such as fever, nasal congestion, headaches, body aches, and cough.

Natural remedies for coronavirus

As of today, there is no officially recognized vaccine and no effective antiviral medicines to prevent or treat COVID-19 in traditional medicine. Interferon, used in many European countries didn’t show any significant positive results.

Homeopathy is one of the Natural remedies for coronavirus

In the meantime, homeopathic pharmaceutical company Professional Formulas developed a protocol that decreases the chance of Coronavirus contamination by 90%.

The protocol includes homeopathic remedies from two major categories:

  1. Homeopathic vaccine (homeopathically diluted viral culture).
H3N2 Influenza Nozoda - Natural remedies for coronavirus

   2. Homeopathic remedies that stimulate the immune system.

Viral Immune Stimulator - Natural remedies for coronavirus

At the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic, we have a stock of Professional Formulas anti-Coronavirus remedies, however, due to increased demand, we supply only our patients.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs – Natural remedies for coronavirus

Dr. Tsan stopped at Calihouse Nutrition, a small TCM store in the Chinatown of New York City, and met Patrick Siu, the owner of the shop who said that he is unable to respond to a huge demand while customers are inspecting shelves and containers packed with dry herbs and roots.

A 40-pound box of Chinese dry herbs that would typically last for up to a month now sells out in just a couple of days, Patrick said.

The hottest items such as Japanese honeysuckle, as well as the common Chinese cold medicine Ban Lan Gen Chong Ji, are hard to find in any stores in the area, while prices raised fast.

With so high demand, herb suppliers and naturopathic practitioners have become worried about an increasing supply deficit for particular dry herbs that are imported virtually exclusively from China.

Another Chinese medicine business in San Francisco Mayway mentioned on its Internet page that they experience an “uncommon upsurge in ordering amounts” and recommended their patients limit orders for Chinese Medicinal Herbs to reasonable quantities. It said it anticipated supply delays “due to the low volume of container ships currently leaving China,” according to its website.

According to a WHO Bulletin, Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Oriental medical centers, generated over $60 billion in the year 2019 worldwide, and with the raised demand in response to the pandemic Coronavirus in 2020, this number is expected to surge significantly.

In the meantime, Dr. Tsan recommended not to use Chinese Medicinal Herbs and homeopathic products without consulting with professional practitioners.

Many people believe that the word natural is equal to no harm and no side effects. This is absolutely wrong opinion, Dr. Tsan continues. Don’t forget, that cyanide, arsenic, and strychnine, the world’s strongest poisons are 100% natural and organic. Nevertheless, all three are successfully used in homeopathy and when prepared according to homeopathic pharmacopeia are absolutely harmless and highly effective.

It’s much easier to die from the inappropriate use of Chinese medicinal herbs than from Coronavirus. According to statistic, only 10% of people infected with Coronavirus vanish, while 100% of people who consumes fly agaric mushroom or Mackenzie’s water hemlock dies regardless of age, physical condition, and treatment performed. Also, both plants are used in homeopathy and are 100% safe.

Do not forget, that Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, and Herbalism are scientific approaches and should be used under the supervision of certified providers.

At the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic we have a supply of Natural remedies for coronavirus medicinal herbs and homeopathic remedies that may benefit Coronavirus prevention, but much more important, we have the knowledge and clinical experience of using these natural remedies.

For a comprehensive evaluation appointment with Dr. Tsan contact our clinic at (267) 403-3085 or schedule it online.

We do not recommend using natural remedies for COVID prevention and/or treatment instead of vaccines and other approved pharmaceutical drugs. The goal of this article is only to share the news that is available as a result of multiple studies and research. 

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