David Wu, LAc – Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

David Wu, LAc

David Wu, LAc, has been named medical director of the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic’s acupuncture department.
The Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic is one of six departments that make up our clinic. The leaders of each department of the Philadelphia Holistic, report directly to the clinic’s chief Victor Tsan, MD.
Today, Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic is pleased to introduce our newest team member, licensed acupuncturist Hu Dà Wèi, L.Ac., as the leader of the acupuncture department.

David Wu, LAc

Certification and education of H Dà Wèi, L.Ac.

Hu Dà Wèi, L.Ac. (call him David Wu) is an NCCAOM-certified acupuncturist with state licenses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Drexel University in Philadelphia awarded him a B.S. in Health Science, and the WON Institute in Glendale, Pennsylvania awarded him a four-year M.Sc. in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. In 2017, he completed a postgraduate fellowship in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Chengdu University in China. As a result of his extensive travels throughout Southeast Asia, China, Tibet, Nepal, and India, David came to Hong Kong in 2018 and continued learning about various traditional remedies. Before returning to the United States, he studied at the Yoga Vidya Dham in Nasik, India, to become a qualified yoga instructor.

Hu Dà Wèi, L.Ac at the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic

David Wu, LAc spent years working at his aunt’s acupuncture business, Lu Zheng Acupuncture Office, in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. He was overjoyed to see it thrive since it meant he could provide his community with affordable and comprehensive health care. David enjoys treating a wide range of diseases, but he is particularly interested in pain management, emotional wellness, and prenatal care.

Since 2018, David Wu, L.Ac has proudly served Philadelphia and the neighboring neighborhoods as a licensed acupuncturist. He uses acupuncture, including trigger point and dry needling techniques, electrical stimulation, cupping (dry, wet, and massage), Gua Sha, and moxibustion, among other modalities, in his practice. For optimal health cultivation, he is also delighted to provide expert lifestyle, dietary, herbal, and supplement advice. David could obtain valuable expertise in treating musculoskeletal pain and injuries, digestive imbalances, fertility issues, menstrual abnormalities, headaches, migraines, sleeplessness, and other health issues. Dr. Wu constantly seeks to treat the full person while promoting an integrative medical approach when working within the holistic health model. David Wu welcomes you to learn more about how acupuncture can help you! David Wu believes wholeheartedly in the efficacy of acupuncture as a safe and gentle yet effective medical approach, in its role in supporting wellbeing and fitness, and in its thoughtful ability to empower the body to restore itself more effectively.

Hu Dà Wèi, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist who is passionate about assisting others in their healing process. David is also trained in Chinese herbal medicine and feels that including herbal therapy in his sessions has a significant positive impact on his patients’ health. David Wu has expertise in treating emotional/mental health, chronic/acute pain, and women’s health as a practitioner. H Dà Wèi, L.Ac concentrates on helping women cure energetic imbalances within the womb as a healer. Dr. Wu treats each patient with great attention, tailoring his or her treatment to their individual needs. He thinks that everyone’s body has the ability to heal itself, and he applies this belief to every patient he sees. David uses compassion and cares in his acupuncture treatments, ensuring that his patients feel comfortable and cared for at all times.

Practice style of David Wu.

David has had a strong interest in the methods of Eastern medicine since he was a child. He has been receiving treatments on his own since he was eight years old, while simultaneously watching and admiring the procedures of Chinese herbal doctors. As a result of these encounters, David realized that many more people could benefit substantially from such treatment. He became a professional and registered acupuncturist after combining his ambition to become fluent in the practices of Eastern medicine with an equally ardent desire to serve others.

David Wu, LAc can completely utilize acupuncture and osteopathic procedures since he has a solid understanding of the human body and its varied functions. David can use acupuncture and osteopathy to treat and resolve a variety of joint and muscle problems from various parts of the body. David’s unusual therapy procedures have had a lot of success, and he’s continually working on enhancing them.
During his sessions, David makes certain that he is fully informed of the situation and the practicalities around it. David is a perfectionist who wants to over-analyze every detail for his patients before undertaking any surgery. David seeks to understand what causes each illness so that he can eliminate the bacterium or disease at its source. Patients are prone to forgetting little details that can change the course of their diagnosis and treatment plan. David, on the other hand, considers all choices before making a decision and never overlook any tiny details.
The human body, according to David Wu, LAc, is an organic whole. Everything in our body, from the tiniest cells to the most complex working organs, collaborates and interacts to keep us alive. In a broader sense, humans live in harmony with nature and rely on a variety of natural resources to survive. Human actions have a direct impact on nature, and nature will respond to human actions. These reactions may have a positive or bad effect on our health. The human body is more than a biological entity; it is also a psychological and social entity that is continuously interacting with its environment. Societal position, economic status, occupation, ideology, educational background, and social ties all have an impact on one’s overall health.

David Wu, LAc. role at Philadelphia Holistic Clinic

Hu Dà Wèi, L.Ac is the best addition to our acupuncture staff, according to the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic. He will be in charge of supervising other acupuncturists at the organization and will report directly to our medical director, Victor Tsan, MD.

David’s understanding of traditional acupuncture, according to Dr. Tsan, will elevate our clinic to the greatest level of TCM therapy.

Unfortunately, in the United States, modern acupuncture is largely employed for pain relief and injury rehabilitation. Traditional Chinese Medicine, on the other hand, is far more effective for somatic illnesses like

At Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic, we assist our patients in identifying simple and reliable methods for reducing stress and treating a variety of acute and chronic medical ailments. We use a variety of acupuncture procedures, including traditional techniques and dry needling, as well as lifestyle changes and dietary counseling.

Our patients appreciate how we can explain the complexity of Traditional Chinese Medicine in easy-to-understand terms. We work hard to be a resource for our patients and believe that acupuncture may help people and families discover new ways to experience themselves.

Contact our clinic at (267) 403-3085 or use our secure online application to schedule an initial evaluation and treatment with David Wu, LAc.