Yoga Instructor Samantha Levin

The yoga instructor will teach you different ways to detoxify your body, de-stress your mind, and get in the perfect physical and emotional shape.

A yoga instructor is a fitness and wellness specialist who leads individual or group lessons in yoga. They explain and demonstrate to the audience how to do the various yoga poses, exercise in meditation, and encourage mindfulness in addition to complete happiness and comfort. These specialists are also frequently referred to as “yoga teachers” and “yogis.”

Yoga Instructor Samantha LevinMy name is Samantha Levin and I have been teaching yoga and meditation for 3 years.  It has helped me on so many levels from flexibility to dealing with depression and anxiety.  It is one of my passions and I wanted to become a teacher to help others reap the benefits as well!

I earned my first certification as a Vinyasa Yoga instructor in Yardley, Pa.  I then went on to receive training to teach Children’s Yoga.  My experience ranges from teaching Vinyasa flow yoga to young women and men and private lessons.  I was highlighted as “Amazing Instructor of the week” for a company I taught within Philadelphia, PA.  I have taught Children’s yoga and mindfulness classes and volunteered as a Chair Yoga instructor for cancer survivors at Gilda’s in Warminster, Pa.

Samantha Levin - Certified Yoga Instructor for Children

My classes help build flexibility, strength, and to get toned while having on the mat!   They also leave you feeling relax and restored!  Guided meditation is provided as well to relieve anxiety, destress, develop inner peace for the Body and Mind!  I cannot wait to guide you on the mat to meet your fitness goal and a healthier lifestyle!

Samantha Levin - Certified Yoga Teacher

Some fun facts about me include … I love sushi and to sing.  I enjoy connecting with new people but also spending time with my loved ones and friends.  My favorite place in the world is the beach!

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