Natural and Home Remedies for Effective Management of Psoriasis Symptoms

Home remedies for psoriasis

Home remedies for psoriasis are effective, affordable, and safe. Psoriasis can make it very difficult to live a good quality life as the symptoms are very discomforting. Generally, it’s not a serious condition, but in severe cases, it can be dangerous. It’s estimated that about 125 million people across the globe suffer from psoriasis. Research also shows that about 10-30% of people with psoriasis eventually develop psoriatic arthritis. Studies also show that people with psoriasis have a lower life expectancy in comparison to people who don’t have psoriasis.

There is no cure for psoriasis, but with effective treatment, you can manage the symptoms. You don’t have to resort to prescription drugs and conventional treatments, as these can often be too aggressive for you. When we are discussing a holistic treatment for psoriasis, there are various natural and home remedies for psoriasis that can provide great results in a gentle and safe manner. 

home remedies for psoriasis

Psoriasis – Definition

Its a fairly common skin condition. When you suffer from psoriasis, the life cycle of your skin cells is accelerated, which causes cells to rapidly build up on your skin’s surface. This results in itchy red patches and scales, which can often be painful as well. It’s a chronic condition that comes and goes. An effective treatment focuses on preventing the rapid build-up of cells.

Sadly, there’s no permanent allopathic cure for this chronic disease, but effective holistic treatment for psoriasis using natural and home remedies for psoriasis can help you manage the symptoms so that it doesn’t hinder your daily activities. Lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, moisturizing, and reducing stress levels can be very beneficial as well.

Psoriasis: Symptoms

For every individual, the signs and symptoms can vary. Common symptoms include:

  • Stiff and swollen joints
  • Ridged, pitted or thickened nails
  • Dry and cracked skin that occasionally bleeds
  • Small scaling spots
  • Red patches of skin

The severity of psoriasis symptoms can also vary. Some people experience a few spots of dandruff-like scaling, whereas others can experience severe eruptions that cover large parts of their bodies. Home remedies for psoriasis can offer gentle, effective, and holistic treatment. 

Psoriasis: Triggers

The exact cause of psoriasis hasn’t been ascertained. However, psoriasis has particular triggers that can worsen the condition. Some common psoriasis triggers include:

  • Some medications like lithium can lead to psoriasis
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Heavy alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Skin injuries like bug bites, scrapes, cuts or a severe sunburn
  • Skin infections

If you suffer from this condition, it’s crucial that you identify these triggers and avoid them as much as possible.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis – options and approaches.

Many people have seen great results from natural treatments for psoriasis. They can significantly reduce the symptoms without exposing you to any negative side effects. Some effective natural and home remedies for psoriasis include:


home remedies for psoriasis on scalp

Aloe vera creams are very effective in reducing inflammation, itching, scaling, and redness when applied on your skin. If you’re particularly looking for natural treatments for psoriasis on scalp, aloe vera can be a potent remedy. A study conducted on the efficacy of aloe-vera for treating psoriasis established that it’s effective in dealing with psoriatic plaques. However, you’ll have to use an aloe vera cream several times a day and for a month or more to see visible results. You can combine aloe vera creams along with other natural treatments for psoriasis to improve the results.

Omega-3 fatty Acids

These healthy acids are known to be tremendously beneficial in reducing inflammation, which can help psoriasis patients. Omega-3s can be found in various food items such as fatty fish, soy, seeds, nuts, and flaxseed oil. They are also available in dietary supplement forms. A study conducted on the effectiveness of a low-fat diet combined with fish oil supplements for a period of four months showed moderate to excellent improvement in the patient’s psoriasis symptoms.

If you want to use omega-3 fatty acids, you must read the label carefully. If your intake exceeds 3 grams per day, it can thin your blood. Omega-3 fatty acids can promote your overall health. You can incorporate them as part of your holistic treatment of psoriasis program.

Salt Baths

For psoriasis patients, a warm salt bath can prove to be very soothing. For itching and irritation symptoms, you can try adding olive oil, colloidal oatmeal, mineral oil, and Epsom salt. Dead sea salts can be particularly effective for psoriasis. Clinical trials show that bathing in dead sea salts for about 20 minutes every day can drastically improve psoriasis symptoms. It is also gentle on your skin, making it an effective holistic treatment of psoriasis.

Alternative Holistic Treatments for Psoriasis vs. Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Along with the above-mentioned home remedies for psoriasis, alternative treatments can provide great results. They are just as effective as allopathic treatments but a lot safer.

Homeopathic Treatment of Psoriasis – #1 on the list of Home Remedies for Psoriasis

What makes the homeopathic treatment of psoriasis an effective treatment is that it’s able to get to the root of the problem. Before prescribing remedies, an extensive evaluation of your medical history, as well as current symptoms, is undertaken. This makes it possible to get to your core problem. Homeopathy can not only treat your current symptoms but prevent future outbreaks. 

There are various homeopathic remedies for psoriasis such as Sulphur, sepia, and Arsenicum Album. Homeopathic remedies can be personalized for your particular condition. If you have dry and scaly skin and suffer from infections easily, Arsenicum Album can be an effective remedy. For red and irritated skin, Sulphur can be a potent remedy.  

Herbal Remedies – Most Popular Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Herbs for psoriasis are also a popular option. There are various herbal remedies, and you’ll have to experiment with a few before finding the most suitable remedy. Since they are natural, it might take some time to see results, but for some people, improvement in psoriasis symptoms can be drastic. 

Some popular herbs for psoriasis include Capsaicin, Indigo Naturalis, and Turmeric. Turmeric, in particular, is very potent in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can be very advantageous for a holistic treatment of psoriasis.

Herbs are generally safe, but some can counteract with certain medications. Talk with your doctor before you take herbs for psoriasis.

Acupuncture – Ancient Chinese Holistic Treatment of Psoriasis

You can also try acupuncture for psoriasis if you want a natural and holistic treatment of psoriasis. By inserting very thin needles in particular points of your body, acupuncture triggers your body’s natural healing system to restore its natural balance. Acupuncture is very effective in reducing pain, which can be particularly effective for people suffering from psoriasis arthritis. Additionally, acupuncture can drastically reduce stress, which is a common trigger for psoriasis.

Acupuncture doesn’t involve any drugs and has no known side effects. Acupuncture is also a great complementary technique and can be used with other allopathic and natural treatments for psoriasis.


Psoriasis can greatly affect your quality of life and prevent you from carrying out your day to day activities. By making certain lifestyle changes and using effective home remedies for psoriasis, you can effectively manage the symptoms in a natural, effective, and safe manner.  However, if you still don’t see any improvements, it’s highly recommended that you seek medical intervention as there might be significant problems in the core of the disease.

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