Ling Yung, LAc

 Ling Yung, LAc – Education and Experience

 Ling Yung, LAc represents the second cohort of acupuncturists. Her father and grandfather are medical doctors who along with conventional medicine practiced the most classical version of acupuncture.  Ling Ling Yung, LAcYung, LAc first graduated from XinXiang Medical University with a master degree in Medicine and Surgery. While working as a western physician she extended her services and combined pharmaceutical drugs prescriptions with ancient acupuncture techniques. 

Ling Yung, LAc has not limited her acupuncture sessions to pain control, but she also applied this ancient treatment to the most complicated cases of neurological and internal diseases such as asthma, stomach ulcer, acid reflux, multiple sclerosis, vertigo, eczema, etc. After the interview with Dr. Tsan which she successfully passed she had been invited to join the team at Philadelphia Holistic Clinic. and worked at the major hospitals in PA and NJ.

She then acquired her master degree in acupuncture at the Emperor’s College, which rated number one acupuncture college in the Los Angeles area, the best in the state of California, and amid the top acupuncture postgraduate schools nationwide. Ling Yung, LAc also certified from National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Ling Yung, LAc chose to make acupuncture and Medical Herbology as her primary profession. She is a great advocate of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbology, and she believes that the natural approach developed on the philosophical aspects of the Yin-Yang theory put in her hand the powerful weapon that can help thousands of patients with a variety of medical disorders.

Ling Yung, LAc has successfully treated patients with pain disorders, gastrointestinal disturbances, heart problems, post-stroke paralyzes, emotional dysfunctions and others ailments.