Natural treatment for shingles

Treatment for shingles

Treatment for shingles is important because in the majority of cases shingles rash associated with unbearable pain. Treatment for herpes zoster is divided into two major methods. These are the natural treatment of shingles and allopathic, traditional method. If asked which the better cure is, nobody can argue that for the early stages of shingles using natural remedies for shingles are the most effective treatments for shingles, since the natural method helps to remove the root of the virus that leads to eliminating the early signs of a breakout as well.

Treatment for shingles

What you need to know about herpes zoster.

Shingles are medically known as herpes zoster. It is considered related to chickenpox because people who have had chickenpox have a higher risk of later developing a shingle symptom. This is because people who have experienced chickenpox never really get rid of the virus completely. The chickenpox virus, varicella-zoster stays in the body in a dormant state. The elderly and those who are immune-compromised are usually the ones who suffer from shingles symptoms and not children or young adults.

In old people, shingles may eventually lead to neuralgia. This is characterized by chronic pain that can go on for many years. It is usually caused by swollen nerve endings that result in sensations of pain in the soft tissues.


Also, note that shingles are a viral disease caused by the varicella virus. Because of the contagious nature of this disease, it is necessary for people infected to seek immediate treatment for shingles as soon as early symptoms surface. If you begin treatment for Shingles at an early stage, then chances of fast recovery are higher. However, keep in mind that even at the time of recovery, people who underwent treatments for herpes zoster or shingles need to continuously apply cures since shingles is a disease that has a very high recurring capability.

In this article, we’ll discuss the nature of the herpes zoster, the symptoms, and we’ll find out when shingles are contagious and how to avoid this viral infection

Shingles symptoms

Shingles symptoms are the same as the chickenpox virus. These symptoms can be;

  • The temperature of 38 degrees Celcius or higher,
  • Pains in the muscles,
  • Possible pins and needles sensation in the areas affected,
  • Feeling generally unwell.

If you are suffering from the shingles virus, you can take precautionary measures to prevent the passing of chickenpox to those who have not previously have it. These precautionary measures are only basic but they have the potential to succeed in isolating the outbreak.

  • Avoid social interaction,
  • Do not share any kind of washcloth or towel,
  • Avoid swimming especially in a public pool,
  • Avoid sports where physical contact is necessary.

If a person who has shingles shares a bed with someone who has never had chickenpox, the other person will likely develop chickenpox. It is advised that you keep interaction at a minimum, even sexual contact.

The spots of shingles are like blisters, when they are moist this is when the shingles virus is contagious. Although direct physical contact would be necessary, when the blisters are dry and scabby they are no longer contagious and it is safe for social interaction and physical contact is alright.

It is common to feel slight pain or rash known as shingles rash in some areas of the body, this will usually happen up to 5 days before breaking out in spots. If you already have the shingles spots or blister in one area getting pain in another area pinpoints the next affected area where spots will appear.

When shingles contagious

While you are getting treatment for herpes zoster and the skin eruptions still scab over, you are contagious and may spread the infection. That’s why during this period you should dodge a bodily interaction with people who haven’t yet been infected and thus don’t have chickenpox’s antibodies, or weren’t vaccinated against chickenpox. Make sure you aren’t contacting individuals that for whatever reason don’t have a healthy immune system. Also, avoid contact with pregnant women and newborn babies.

Causes of shingles

Causes of shingles

The virus Varicella zoster is the causative factor of shingles. Other important causes are

  • Weakened body immunity system, especially in the elders.
  • Stress
  • Certain medications
  • Injury

Natural treatment for shingles

An outbreak of shingles is a very painful condition to handle. Doctors cannot even offer a permanent shingles cure because all the medications they prescribe can only treat the symptoms and not eliminate the virus from the body entirely. If you suffer from this problem then you will have to deal with it time and time again because outbreaks will keep occurring. It is not advisable to keep taking the antiviral medication and corticosteroids that doctors will prescribe you because they have long term negative side effects. What you therefore need is a natural treatment of shingles that will be easy on your pocket as well as on your overall health.

Natural treatment for shingles

You will be surprised to know that natural treatments for shingles are extremely effective and that they are successful at reducing the intensity of each attack and also lengthening the duration between each painful episode.

Listed below is a natural treatment for shingles:

Home remedies for shingles – most common natural treatment of shingles

When we think about natural remedies for shingles, most of us think that home remedies for shingles are not an option. However, there are some things that you can do from the comfort of your own home to help with pain and healing.

home remedies for herpes

Listed below are home remedies for shingles

Witch hazel

  • Witch hazel is one of the most effective home remedies for shingles and natural remedies for shingles because it helps to reduce inflammation and itching. It is possible to buy witch hazel in different forms, most commonly witch hazel cream or water. People can apply witch hazel topically to areas of irritation and inflammation for relief.

Cold baths

  • Taking cool baths or showers is a home remedy for shingles that helps keep wounds and blisters clean and reduce the risk of infection. Coldwater also relieves sore spots and itching, and prevent scratches that can lead to scars.


  • This staple food for breakfast is known for reducing skin irritation caused by Shingles. Oatmeal is one of the most effective treatments for shingles that works by combining with water and applying directly to the areas with lesions. The pasty solution is said to reduce the burning sensation felt by the patients. With the texture of pasty oatmeal, a shingles patient does not feel inclined to scratch the lesions which leads to reducing risks of skin infection.

Gentiana Scabra

  • Researchers have found that Gentiana Scabra, a blue or purple flower found across North America, has beneficial effects on the pain associated with shingles and decreased the likelihood of post-therapeutic neuralgia. Gentiana Scabra is a home remedy for shingles that help reduces inflammation of the skin and minimizes pain and promote healing.

Stop smoking

  • Smoking offers no health benefits and is always harmful. It is important to stop smoking as it increases your risk of many cancers and diseases. Smoking decreases immunity to infection, especially in the elderly, and can delay recovery and healing.

Reduce stress

  • Using meditation to relax and try to rest when possible can help reduce symptoms of shingles.

Homeopathic treatment for shingles – #1 natural treatment for shingles

Homeopathic treatment for shingles is the best choice for relieving pain and itching, as well as pain after herpetic neuralgia. Homeopathic treatment for shingles works in gentle but effective ways to reduce the severity of symptoms and clear the infection instead of suppressing it. These medicines have no side effects and are very effective in post-therapeutic neuralgia.

homeopathic treatment

The main goal of homeopathic treatment for shingles (herpes zoster) is to improve the body’s natural defense mechanisms or “immunity” to prevent reactivation of the chickenpox virus. Therefore, homeopathic treatment of shingles (herpes zoster) also plays an excellent role as a preventive agent.

Here is the list of homeopathic remedies for shingles


  • This homeopathic remedy for shingles is used when there is swelling and tingling (like needle and thread), better in cold, and worse in heat. The rash is light pink, swollen, itchy, and produces a sharp pain that is better with cold compresses and worse with heat.

Arsenicum album

  • Arsenicum album is one of homeopathy for shingles used when there are burning lesions that are relieved by heat and worsen at night which causes great restless anxiety. Affects lips, face, and between the two areas of the ribs as regions. Rashes with an intense burning sensation in the bladder. Worse after midnight (around 1 am) and worse from the cold in some form. Better by heat. Very thirsty and very easily exhausted. Herpetic rashes alternate with internal problems.

Iris versicolor

  • This homeopathic remedy for shingles is used when the rash on the right side of the abdomen and under the right arm is worse. Shingles are often accompanied by abdominal or pancreatic problems.

Calcarea carbonica

  • Calcarea carbonica is homeopathy for shingles used on wounds that are accompanied by burning and jerky pain that is worse in cold weather and at night. Thick corrosive crusts with yellow pus underneath. Suppressed herpes causes disorders of the central nervous system. Pale, often obese, weak, shy, easily tired when walking. Lax muscles that sweat easily and catch a cold easily. The curvature of the bones, especially the spine and long bones. The ends are twisted or deformed; irregularly developed bones. The head sweats profusely during sleep, especially the head and neck with a sour odor.


  • Herpetic rashes on the shoulders, neck, nipples, chin, or face. There is an itchy, burning pain that is worse outdoors and better in wet weather and walking. A weak person with excessively yellow and pale complexion; prone to respiratory and urinary tract infections.

Clematis Erectus

  • This remedy relieves shingles pain, which is characterized by burning red blisters that worsen at night and with the use of cold water. Urinary tract discomfort can occur during a shingles attack.


  • Mezereum is homeopathy for shingles that are used for severe pain, when the skin is burning and itchy and itchy, or when the person is middle-aged or older. Long-lasting neuralgic pain pushes the nerve along the skin. Post-therapeutic neuralgia and burning sensation with the great coldness of the body. Displayed for a shingles rash where the blisters are oozing, bright red, and made worse by hot applications. The rash is often accompanied by terrible itchiness, which is made worse by the use of cool compresses. Eczema and itchy rashes may occur after vaccination.

Acupuncture for shingles – ancient Chinese natural treatment of shingles

Acupuncture for shingles speeds up the resolution of the rash and reduces pain and itching. In Chinese medicine, shingles are associated with toxic heat, internal wind, and moisture that is in the body. Acupuncture for shingles corrects these imbalances and helps restore the health of the body. While it is successful in treating shingles at any stage, it is most successful in the early stages of shingles when symptoms first appear.

Acupuncture for shingles also helps relieve pain, reduces the need for pain medication, speeds healing of herpes zoster lesions, and reduces the incidence of post-therapeutic neuralgia (PHN).

Stages of shingles

Acupuncture works in the 3 stages of shingles:

Acute stage

  • Natural treatment for shingles at this stage controls the progression of the disease, resolves the rash, relieves pain, prevents new lesions from forming, and strengthens the immune system (defensive qi). At this point, it is best to have a treatment plan that will allow the patient to come more frequently to reduce the duration and intensity of symptoms.

Healing stage

  • Natural treatment for shingles at this stage focus on treating underlying medical conditions or constitutional imbalances. This will help prevent the disease from progressing and turn into post-therapeutic neuralgia (PSS), while also promoting blood circulation and preventing residual pain.

Chronic stage

  • At this stage of shingles, stopping and reversing the pain from post-therapeutic neuralgia is a slower process. But even at this advanced stage, acupuncture helps calm the nerves and promote nerve regeneration and sleep.

Herbs for shingles – traditional oriental natural treatment for shingles

Herbs for shingles are used as a natural treatment for shingles. Among the most effective herbs for shingles are Lemon Balm, Red pepper, licorice, and St. John’s Wort.

herbs for herpes zoster

Lemon balm

  • Lemon balm is particularly effective in treating herpes viruses such as the virus that causes this condition. You can use its leaves to make tea and apply the concoction on the rashes a couple of times daily.

Red pepper

  • Red pepper has a natural component called capsaicin which can relieve the pain caused by this condition. Licorice, on the other hand, has natural antiviral and immune-boosting components that can chase away the virus. St. John’s wort is an herb for shingles that can rebuild the nerves of the body.

Cayenne Pepper.

  • This natural remedy for shingles helps in minimizing the pain that is the usual complaint of people infected with shingles. These herbs for shingles can be applied by directly rubbing the most affected area. Cayenne pepper is known for its cooling components that are sure to provide immediate relief from the itchiness in the shingles lesions among the patients.

St John’s wort

  • St John’s wort oil applied topically can provide pain relief, even when it is severe and hard to shift, as it has anti-viral and healing properties.

Note: Keep in mind that going all-natural is better since it will not harm your body with artificial components. However, it is very important that natural remedies for herpes are recommended by a medical professional MD or DO who is also trained in naturopathic medicine.


Natural treatment for shingles is effective, safe, and affordable. It is necessary to take care of shingles, because of the severe pain it may cause. It is very important that even if you chose a natural approach to shingles’ treatment, you contact a medical doctor trained in naturopathic and holistic medicine. Don’t treat yourself.

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