Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

Natural ways to quit smoking

Natural ways to quit smoking are effective, safe, and affordable. It’s hard to believe that not so long ago, there was a time in history when smoking was considered “healthy.” It wasn’t particularly stigmatized until the 1960s, when the United States Surgeon General suggested a link between smoking and cancer, ultimately leading to the advertising ban and mandatory ‘warning signs.”

natural ways to quit smoking

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco kills about six million people each year, with 600,000 of those deaths coming from secondary exposure. Despite the knowledge we have gained over the past few decades, smoking is a large part of our society.

Nearly 17 out of 100 adults in the US smoke cigarettes, according to a trusted Centers for Disease Control (CDC) source. In 2010, seven out of ten smokers told a trusted CDC source they wanted to quit. Fortunately, it is possible to quit smoking. Since 2002, there have been more former smokers than current smokers.

Smoking cessation experts began implementing natural strategies like acupuncture and herbs, hypnosis, cold turkey, lifestyle changes, use of cinnamon sticks, etc. These natural approaches to smoking cessation, adapted from oriental medicine, offer promising results. They have been shown to reduce your cravings and help overcome this addiction.

Even after the nicotine leaves your system, the cravings can persist. The human body needs to detoxify all traces of nicotine in the system before cravings go away.

The dangers of smoking

Quitting smoking can be a real challenge. Smoking is a dangerous habit that can cause cancer and death. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), out of 7 billion people worldwide, up to 1 billion smoke. Unfortunately, many smokers from low- and middle-income countries suffer from tobacco-related diseases.

The World Health Organization considers the tobacco epidemic one of the greatest public health threats the world has ever witnessed. Tobacco use is responsible for up to 7 million deaths each year. Unfortunately, up to half of tobacco users die from it.

What is it like to quit smoking?

On average, smokers try to quit six to 30 times before success. However, the good news is that the harshest nicotine withdrawal symptoms peak two to three days after quitting. If you can last a whole week, the chances are ten times greater that you can steer clear of cigarettes for good.

Be prepared: Quitting smoking naturally takes some energy, and you may not be in your best shape for a few days. But compared to 10 years less than the average smoking time in your life and smokers who get more colds and flu, you will save overall time by quitting smoking.

benefits from quitting smoking

Accept that you will feel a little uncomfortable when you begin the natural journey to quit smoking. You may feel hungrier than usual; you might be moody or depressed; you could have insomnia; and you will likely feel restless and have trouble concentrating. But remember that these are temporary effects and will disappear after a few days.

Discussion about natural ways of quitting smoking

Quitting smoking naturally can be difficult, especially if you don’t fully commit to it and lack the motivation to cut it out of your life completely. As you start a new, healthier life, finding safe and natural ways to quit smoking is wise.

Quitting smoking naturally can be difficult, especially if you don’t fully commit to it and lack the motivation to cut it out of your life completely. As you start a new, healthier life, finding safe and natural ways to quit smoking is wise.

What makes quitting smoking difficult is that nicotine is highly addictive. This is why you need to prepare yourself with the right motivation to begin your plan of action to overcome this addiction. When you have finally decided to give up this habit, commit to starting it until you have achieved your goals. The two things you need to make decisions about natural ways to quit smoking are motivation and commitment. Without either of these two options, the challenge may be more difficult.

Write down your motivation. One thing that can help you achieve a goal is to put it in writing. It will help you and your subconscious achieve your goal. You can put it where you can see it often, and it reminds you of your dedication and motivation to do it until you are successful. Your children’s health and family could be your greatest motivation to quit. So write them down. Listed below are natural ways to quit smoking:

Acupuncture for Quitting Smoking: The most famous popular approach to smoking cessation

Acupuncture - ancient Chinese treatment for addictions, alcoholism and smoking

Acupuncture has a longstanding reputation for helping people quit smoking naturally. This is more than any natural way to quit smoking by inserting random pins into your body. Acupuncture pins stick to specific, focused points on the body that are believed to release components called endorphins. These endorphins act as natural pain relievers and have particular reactions in the body. As a person tries to quit smoking naturallyacupuncture for quitting smoking releases endorphins, which can be very important in relieving painful withdrawal and helping the person become smoke-free without too many consequences.

Hypnosis to quit smoking—one of the most effective natural ways to quit smoking

Hypnosis to quit smoking is one of the natural methods to fight this common addiction, and hypnosis to quit smoking has been around for hundreds of years. Only recently has hypnosis gained such widespread public acceptance and understanding in the scientific community. How can you use hypnosis to quit smoking naturally? The answer is to use the same techniques.

stop smoking with hypnosis

Hypnosis to quit smoking works by placing our mind in a deeply relaxed and calm state known as a trance. In this state, we can suggest to our subconscious that it will react later. If you just can’t quit smoking, you can suggest something like, “I don’t want to have another cigarette.” While you are under hypnosis, this suggestion will invade your subconscious. When you wake up from the trance, don’t be surprised if you stop, because that is precisely what the hypnosis session should do.

The methods of quitting smoking hypnosis

Typically, your first appointment with a hypnotherapist will be used to assess your current condition and needs. You won’t quit smoking after just one session, and it will take more than once to quit smoking altogether. If you can find a place to help, quit smoking with hypnosis only after one session; avoid it. These hypnotherapists rarely keep their promises, and you will likely be disappointed with this type of session.

Make sure you have a hypnotherapist who understands your goal of quitting smoking and will help you achieve it with more than one session. Make sure you choose the right person for the job. When you have no connection with the hypnotherapist, it isn’t easy to trust them. Getting the correct dose of confidence is crucial because you may not get the desired results without it. Take your time and make sure you are comfortable with whoever you choose.

Besides the fact that quitting smoking hypnosis works for quitting smoking, it is also one of the most natural ways to eliminate the smoking habit. You don’t have to worry about side effects like those associated with pills and other things to quit smoking. Using hypnosis is one of the natural ways to quit smoking, and it is very effective with determination.

Cold Turkey: This method tops the list of natural ways to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking naturally as a cold turkey is one of the most popular natural ways to quit smoking. Still, it’s not something everyone can do, and very often, this method causes severe withdrawal symptoms that prevent a person from quitting smoking in the future. It takes a lot of persistence and mental toughness. It involves the decision to stop and do so without physical or psychological aid. Many people trying to quit smoking cold turkey will find it helpful to stay busy to distract them from smoking. For example, you are chewing a toothpick instead of putting a cigarette in your mouth or you are distracting yourself with something to read or play a video game. If you think cold turkey is the best natural way to quit smoking, consider a detox cleanse to remove residual toxins from smoking and increase your water intake. This often helps people who leave a cold turkey through the first few days.

Herbal Medicines 

Many herbal formulations have been used to help people overcome their smoking habits. Lobelia is one of the most popular herbs, and it tastes almost the same without the harm associated with nicotine. Therefore, cigarettes containing lobelia could take the place of cigarettes containing nicotine. The benefits of herbal smoking cessation methods are that they have no adverse effects on the body and are much cheaper than other holistic options.

Motivational therapy is another natural way to quit smoking.

Motivational therapy is one of the natural ways to quit smoking. By getting smokers to focus on the benefits of quitting the habit, this method has primarily become a counseling method that forces a person to quit. For example, this therapy could motivate a smoker to calculate how much he spends on cigarettes per month. They are told that if they lived in good health, they would save this amount for other purposes. This is how motivational therapy works, but the results of this method can vary from individual to individual.

Smoking cessation counseling

Smoking cessation counseling is designed to help smokers who want to quit smoking naturally and permanently. These programs are fantastic support systems that will help you stay motivated and determined in your quit-smoking plan. They help smokers live nicotine-free lives and break the addiction cycle. Health services, hospitals, community centers, and other health professionals offer these programs.

What makes smoking cessation counseling so unique?

These programs offer you a variety of approaches and tips for quitting smoking the natural way. On the one hand, these programs target fears, anxieties, and mental blocks while tracking these addiction problems. On the other hand, these smoking cessation programs provide ongoing support to maintain negative attitudes towards tobacco and its users. However, avoiding quitting smoking that promises easy and quick solutions or that offers supplements or pills as a ready-made solution.

How smoking cessation counseling helps

All of these counseling modules aim to help candidates who have quit smoking. The consultants will motivate the candidates and suggest alternative remedies.

  • These programs are motivational.
  • It offers candidates alternatives to smoking, depending on the intensity of their addiction.
  • Support programs create a network for smokers to motivate them to quit.
  • Programs may require the use of nicotine replacement theory.

How to control the effects of smoking cessation counseling

When it comes to smoking cessation, all of these supportive functions will help you quit smoking naturally. In most cases, these support programs act as emotional boosters for anyone ready to end their nicotine addiction forever.

Smoking cessation counseling techniques can be learned from doctors, local hospitals, health insurers, groups of ex-smokers, and various nursing associations to help minimize the adverse effects of smoking cessation. Nowadays, Internet-based interactive programs have also grown in popularity due to the flexibility of their sessions.

All smoking cessation counseling clinics have a 24-hour hotline. So if the thought of holding a cigarette makes you feel depressed or your fingers itch, you can call the helpline and speak to counselors. If you are concerned about relapse, talk to your psychologist. Relapse is significantly less likely than in people who try to quit smoking alone.


These natural ways to quit smoking are mainly offered to smokers who want to but have specific health problems that prevent them from using other methods that require medication. They can be used individually or together for the best results. Remember, the success of quitting is still essentially yours, and no method will work if you are not determined to stop completely.

Consult a specialist before beginning the process of smoking cessation. Don’t choose the way to quit smoking by yourself. Everyone is different, and depending on your emotional status, health condition, and even financial abilities, the optimal way to quit smoking naturally may be different.

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