Home Remedies for Vertigo and Home Treatments for Vertigo

Home Remedies for Vertigo

Home remedies for vertigo proved to be effective and safe and used by many people all over the world. Home treatments for vertigo become more and more popular also because known pharmaceutical drugs either don’t work at all or work only when patients consuming them on a regular basis. Traditional medicine doesn’t know where vertigo is coming from and thus have no effective treatment for vertigo.

Home remedies for vertigo

If you’ve experienced vertigo or dizziness, you’ll probably never want to go through it again. Its often accompanied by weakness, nausea, and an uncomfortable feeling of panic. It can be a sign of something more significant underneath, and it’s critical that you get to the root cause sooner than later. All home remedies for vertigo working on the core of the disease and such may cure the problem.

Vertigo accounts for 54% of all dizziness reported in primary care offices. This condition leads to a sensation of spinning. The duration can last anywhere from seconds to hours. In extreme cases, it can last weeks.

Vertigo can be effectively managed with natural treatments and home remedies for vertigo.

What Is Vertigo?

Vertigo is a sensation of dizziness or spinning. If you have vertigo, you may feel that your environment or room is spinning. It’s often misunderstood as a fear of height, but this isn’t true.

You may experience vertigo when you look down from a great height.  Generally, vertigo is related to a temporary or continuing feeling of dizziness that may be related to problems in the brain (specifically in the cerebellum area) or inner ear (labyrinth).

Various conditions can cause vertigo and various home remedies for vertigo are available to fight it.

Symptoms of Vertigo

Vertigo is not an illness but a symptom. It can cause or occur with other symptoms like:

  • Nystagmus (eyes move uncontrollably, typically from side to side.)
  • Headaches
  • A sensation of fullness in your ear
  • Tinnitus (ringing in your ear)
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Motion sickness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Balance problems

Home Treatments For Vertigo

Home remedies for vertigo and different strategies of home treatments for vertigo can be used to manage your symptoms effectively. Some of these include:

Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels – both high and low blood sugar may lead to vertigo

Stay away from food that aggravates your vertigo. Processed and sugary food items can lead to blood sugar fluctuations, and so can alcohol. Reduce your carbohydrate and unhealthy fat intake and opt for a diet rich in fiber. Fiber can reduce harm to the ears and stabilize triglycerides. Including more whole foods and an unprocessed diet consisting of berries and legumes, leafy vegetables to provide your body the needed nutrients, and manage your blood sugar levels.

Exercise Regularly – train your brain and inner ear – great home treatment for vertigo

Some studies show that for people with chronic or persistent vertigo, home-based exercise programs produce better results than medications. The exercise programs depend on various factors such as your physical fitness, which routine you’re capable of following religiously as well as lessening symptoms and dizziness.

Exercises can include brisk walking, weight resistance, or an elliptical machine. Yoga is also a fantastic home treatment for vertigo to improve your blood flow, strengthen your balance, and benefit your sympathetic nervous system. However, some poses might not be suitable, so you should consult your yoga instructor.

Also, you can find a remedy for vertigo at home. Many of the herbs contained in your dietary supplements are well-known natural remedies for vertigo.

Ginkgo Biloba – one of the best home remedies for vertigo

This Chinese herb is beneficial in remedying vertigo symptoms. Ginkgo Biloba can manage blood flow to your brain, relieving balance issues, and dizziness. Research shows that for treating vertigo, this herb is just as effective as betahistine. On the list of herbal remedies for vertigo, Ginko Biloba is the #1 remedy.

Essential Oils – always effective – great home remedy for vertigo

Essential oils for vertigo are not just affordable but effective natural home remedies for vertigo. They can be helpful for managing vertigo symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and nausea.

Lemon essential oils, lavender, ginger, and peppermint are great essential oils for dealing with vertigo symptoms and effectively managing them.

If you want to apply it topically, you can dilute it in a carrier oil before application, or you can also inhale it through an infuser. You’ll have to experiment a bit with essential oils before finding the best solution for your symptoms.

Ginger Tea – popular home remedies for vertigo

Ginger tea is also an excellent home treatment for vertigo. Even compared to manual repositioning such as Epley maneuver, ginger root offers better results in reducing vertigo symptoms.

If you want to try out this natural remedy, you can simply steep it in a cup of boiling water for about 5 minutes. If you’re not a fan of the bitter taste, you can add honey. It’s recommended that you drink twice a day to remedy nausea, dizziness, and other vertigo symptoms.

Almonds – great home remedy for vertigo

Almonds are very rich in Vitamins, E, B, and A, which make them one of the most essential home remedies for vertigo. Consuming a handful of almonds per day can help you in managing vertigo symptoms.

Staying Hydrated – an important part of home treatment of vertigo

Even mild dehydration can trigger vertigo symptoms. Drinking sufficient water can reduce balance issues and dizziness. Your body requires at least 8 cups of liquid a day. This includes all liquids, but water is the best option as it is caffeine and calorie-free.

Holistic remedies for vertigo

Other than the home remedies for vertigo listed above, some alternative treatments for vertigo can also provide remarkable results.

Homeopathic treatments for vertigo

Homeopathic treatments for vertigo have various natural remedies that fight symptoms of dizziness. The solution is chosen according to your specific condition. Homeopaths carry out a very comprehensive examination before prescribing remedies. If you’re experiencing vertigo as a result of motion sickness, the homeopathic remedy for vertigo Cocculus is very useful in mitigating the symptoms. Your vertigo symptoms will also worsen by rising up from your bed, eating or drinking, exposure to light along with a sick headache, and a sense of confusion. Lying down generally minimizes the symptoms. On the other hand, if your vertigo symptoms worsen when you lay down, move your head, or turn over, the homeopathic remedy for vertigo Conium is recommended.

Homeopathic remedies for vertigo are generally safe. Since the intensive examination is a core principle of homeopathy, the root cause of your problem is usually unearthed, making effective and long-lasting solutions possible.

Acupuncture for vertigo

Acupuncture for vertigo aims to promote relaxation and overall wellness. The concept of acupuncture for vertigo based on oriental philosophy of 5 elements completely described in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Also at home acupressure for vertigo can be used as a light non-professional version of acupuncture. Acupressure for vertigo is very similar to acupuncture, but acupressure doesn’t utilize needles. By stimulating strategic pressure points throughout your body, acupressure can effectively manage your vertigo symptoms.

The P6 acupuncture point is very common to use for acupressure for vertigo. P6 situated in the two tendons between your wrist and your inner forearm. However, it should be noted that multiple sessions will be required before you see a noticeable improvement.


Vertigo is generally harmless, but the core of the problem needs to be identified. For a vast majority of people, the symptoms usually subside on their own. Natural remedies for vertigo are a safe and alternative option to deal with your vertigo symptoms. They are typically sufficient to mitigate the condition. However, if you do not see improvement with herbal or home remedies for vertigo, you should consult your doctor. There may be more significant issues for your condition.

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