Best Natural Remedies For Treating Breast Cysts

Fibrocystic breast disease treatment

Fibrocystic breast disease treatment approach could differ depending on the woman’s age, size of the cyst(s), general medical condition, family history, etc. Breast cysts don’t have any dangerous consequences, but they can be painful and uncomfortable. They are common among women who haven’t reached menopause but can occur at any age. For fibrocystic breast disease treatment, prescription drugs and conventional treatments are generally prescribed; however, they can often include side effects. As a result, many women are turning to natural remedies for cystic breasts for their treatment. They can provide the same results as allopathic treatments without any side effects.

If you want to know how to reduce breast density naturally and other symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease, read below.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

They are benign, liquid-filled sacs inside your breasts. You can have more than one breast cyst, and this condition can affect either one of your breasts. They are characterized as oval or round lumps with distinct edges. They usually feel similar to a water-filled balloon or a grape, but they can sometimes feel firm. Generally, fibrocystic breast disease treatment is not necessary unless the cysts are uncomfortable or painful. For treatment, the fluid is drained to reduce the symptoms.

Causes of and fibrocystic breast disease treatment

They generally occur among women between the ages of 35 and 50 but can affect women of any age. This condition can also affect postmenopausal women who are undergoing hormone therapy. Many women have seen positive results through a natural treatment for fibrocystic breast disease.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease Symptoms

Breast cysts can affect both your breasts, and symptoms include:

  • An oval or round lump with edges inside your breast
  • Breast tenderness or pain in the area of your breast lump
  • After your period, breast lump size can decrease along with other symptoms
  • Before your period, breast tenderness and breast lump size can increase
  • Clear, dark brown, straw-colored, or clear nipple discharge

Several natural treatments for breast cysts have scientific support for their efficacy in treating fibrocystic breast disease.  Even though breast cysts don’t increase your chances of breast cancer, they can make it challenging to discover new breast lumps or other symptoms that may require inspection by a doctor. You must be familiar with how your breasts feel and look out for any changes.

Natural remedies for breast cysts

You can try a natural fibrocystic breast disease treatment if you’re averse to pumping your body off medications and drugs. In many cases, fibrocystic breast disease treatment appears to be as effective as traditional treatment, and at the same time, the natural approach causes no side effects. The list of natural approaches to fibrocystic breast disease treatment consists of well-known home remedies and holistic techniques.

Acupuncture, an old Chinese method of fibrocystic breast disease treatment

Acupuncture for breast lumps can provide great relief from symptoms. It doesn’t just concentrate on your symptoms but on your whole self. Acupuncture, as a natural cystic breast treatment, doesn’t use harmful chemicals and encourages the body’s natural healing system. Acupuncture can be personalized according to your condition, and needles are inserted according to the disease or illness.

Research shows LV14, ST36, LU5, and GB21’s acupuncture points effectively treat breast cysts. However, acupuncture for breast cysts will require multiple sessions before you see significant results. Acupuncture has no side effects and is safe enough to be used in all age groups. The sessions are generally painless, and acupuncture won’t lead to any bruising or bleeding. Along with other natural remedies for breast cysts, like herbs, acupuncture can provide excellent results.

Herbal Remedies: A popular and effective natural fibrocystic breast disease treatment

You can also try herbal remedies for a natural treatment for fibrocystic breast disease. Various herbs are used; you must experiment with a few before finding the most suitable one. You can often combine different herbs to treat multiple symptoms at once.

Red raspberry leaf is one of the most popular herbs for treating breast cysts. This leaf detoxifies excessive estrogen and balances out your hormones, which can benefit breast cyst patients. 

Herbal remedies are generally safe, but they can counteract certain medications. Don’t use herbal remedies if you’re on blood thinners. Always consult your doctor or an herbalist before you try herbs for fibrocystic breast treatment.

Homeopathy: #1 natural fibrocystic breast disease treatment

Homeopathic treatment for fibrocystic breast disease can also provide excellent results. Homeopathy is completely non-invasive and uses only natural remedies. Like most alternative treatments, homeopathy doesn’t just concentrate on your symptoms but your mind, body, and soul as well. This allows homeopathy to get to the core issue of your problem and find a long-term remedy. 

Homeopathic treatment for breast cysts has various remedies, such as Calcarea carbonica, Iodium, and Calcarean fluorica. Additionally, homeopathic treatment can be personalized according to your condition and symptoms.

Homeopathy has no known side effects and can be used in all age groups. Additionally, homeopathy can provide great results in combination with other alternative or allopathic treatments.

Flax seeds are a popular home remedy for breast cysts.

You can also try flax seeds as a natural remedy for fibrocystic breast disease treatment. These seeds are potent in vitamins E and B, minerals, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids. They are very beneficial in maintaining the health of the breasts and can even prevent breast tumors. Breast cysts are linked with excessive estrogen hormones, and flax seeds effectively maintain their balance. You can take these seeds daily to combat breast cysts. 

Ginger oil is the most popular home remedy for breast cysts.

If you’re experiencing pain from fibrocystic breast disease, you can also try ginger oil. Massage the affected area with a generous amount of ginger oil for about 10–15 minutes, and then follow with a hot compress. You should do this once every two days to reduce the size of your breast lumps.


These are some of the most effective and popular natural remedies for treating breast cysts. Additionally, there are no side effects and science supports their efficacy. You can also combine various natural remedies for breast cysts to increase their effectiveness. These natural remedies can be an excellent choice, especially if you’re allergic to certain allopathic medications.

However, remember that since they are natural remedies, you’ll have to experiment with a few before finding the right one. In most cases, these remedies can deal with breast cysts, but if you still don’t see results, you must consult a specialist immediately, as you may suffer from bigger problems like breast tumors.

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