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About Victor Tsan, MD

Victor Tsan, MD, is a 65+-year-old medical practitioner and founder of the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic. Victor Tsan, Doctor of Medicine, is a world-legendary practitioner of alternative medical techniques, including acupuncture, homeopathy, clinical hypnotherapy, reiki, and more.

Group hypnosis - 20,000 audienceFirst of all, Victor Tsan, MD, is a Medical Doctor, an experienced physician who, at some point, decided to dedicate his profession to holistic and naturopathic medicine. In a few words, one can say about him, “Doctor Tsan is a medical doctor that practices alternative medicine.” Why is this so important? Because when a physician evaluates a patient, the assessment includes classical diagnostic and holistic. “Being a so-called old-fashion physician,” – Dr. Tsan says – “I always do percussion, palpation, and auscultation, and only after that I may recommend X-RAY, CT, or MRI.” I do not understand why some medical doctors refer patients for echocardiography without listening to the heartbeats with a simple stethoscope or ultrasound evaluation of the abdomen without palpation.”

Dr. Tsan is a Certified Medical Aesthetic Physician, Focused on Lifestyle, Stress & Personal appearance.

  • A reliable, patient-focused, and skilled physician with a long experience in treating patients using classical and modern diagnostic methods, including computerized testing, iridology, pulse diagnostic, and more. Dr. Tsan is curing and managing patients’ diseases based on his academic and clinical experience of 40+ years.
  • Professional in healing chronic & acute medical conditions
  • #1 homeopathic practitioner specializing in telemedicine and online homeopathy with 10,000+ subscribers to his channel

Victor Tsan in 100 Best Physicians in the World - Class of 2021

Dr. Tsan is the leading credentialed Medical Professional, an expert with coast-to-coast customers, and 40+ years of practice in the medical healthcare industry and holistic Medicine. He has outstanding experience in healing various acute and chronic clinical conditions. He is accomplished in developing, directing, and controlling general treatment plans. Dr. Tsan has helped occupational therapists with rehabilitation treatment for sports, car, and work-related injuries. His medical care emphasizes prophylactics, treatment, and empowerment through lifestyle adjustment and self-care;

Dr. Tsan combines solid academic knowledge of the subject with an all-embracing clinical practice. During his 40+ years of medical practice, he has healed many chronic and acute medical conditions. He is a well-known blogger and homeopathy advocate.

Clinic Address: 2200 Michener Street, Unit 12, Philadelphia, PA 19115


  • Implements a holistic approach and heals patients with acute and chronic conditions.
  • Formulates diet plans for weight loss patients and
  • Enhances the treatment results using supportive homeopathic remedies

Dr. Tsan is a Homeopathic & Medical Aesthetic Professional (Accredited by the Homeopathic & Medical Council)

A Registered Homeopathic Physician (Board of Homeopathic System of Medicine).

Victor Tsan’s education and experience

Doctor Tsan graduated medical school at the Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 1976 and completed his residency in OB-GYN. While leading an infertility clinic in the former Soviet Union, Doctor Tsan implemented acupuncture and homeopathic treatments for male and female infertility and surprisingly received much better results than traditional hormone replacement therapy.

Based on his daily work, Victor Tsan, MD, realized that more than 50 percent of the patients of an infertility clinic also suffer from chronic depression due to the inability to conceive and get a baby. “Depression makes their chance to get pregnant even smaller since many endocrine glands including ovaries, pituitary gland, thyroid, and cortex produce an insufficient amount of hormones due to unstable emotional condition,” – Doctor Tsan says.  “I decided,” – Dr. Tsan continues, “to learn clinical hypnotherapy also to help my patients to overcome their depression.”

Doctor Tsan learned hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming for two years from the world’s most famous hypnotist alive, Jonathan Royle, in London, England.

“Since everything that I did (acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnotherapy) fell in the category of Holistic Medicine,” – continues Doctor Tsan – “I realized that I have to treat patients in general instead of treating diseases in them.” Based on this decision, he started seeing more patients with internal diseases and, at some point, wholly switched from OB-GYN to Holistic Medicine.

In 2008 Victor Tsan, MD, completed two years of internship in acupuncture at the Beijing Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

Victor Tsan graduated the Beijing Academy of Chinese Medicine

Victor Tsan, MD, and Associates – Philadelphia Holistic Clinic

Doctor Tsan became an internationally recognized holistic practitioner qualified virtually in all alternative medical techniques.

His colleagues call him Master Tsan.  “He always has an answer; he always knows what to do,” – Dr. Eric Goldburd says. “When I have a tough case and don’t see an expected result from the treatment, I call Master Tsan. He asks a patient a few questions, does a simple diagnostic, and bingo… The improvement starts right away,” – Dr. Goldburd continues.

“He is a genius. He is simply the best acupuncturist I ever worked with. He understands the Oriental philosophy as if he was born in China,” Ling-Yung says.

If you ask Dr. Tsan if he believes in the future of alternative medicine, he answers: “Why do we use the term “Alternative Medicine” when it is the “Original Medicine” that people have practiced for centuries? Pharmaceutical drugs implemented only 100 years ago.”

For one year, Victor Tsan, MD, learned traditional oriental medicine, acupuncture, reiki, and extrasensory healing from the Tibetan Monks. He became a Lifetime Honorable Member of the Wat Thamkrabok monastery, where he learned oriental medicine.

Doctor Tsan Lifetime Honorable Member of the Wat Thamkrabok monastery

Dr. Tsan is a prominent specialist in our science. His expertise symbolizes the result of years of schoolwork. At age fifteen, he began his education at the Medical School of the Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Moldova. He apprenticed with several masters in acupuncture, hypnotherapy,  and Homeopathy.

Listening to his associates’ complaints about the lack of positive outcomes and how long the treatment lasts until patients report improvement, Dr. Tsan got concerned: original textbooks state that the improvement from acupuncture healing should be immediate, just as the shadow appears instantaneously when a screen is positioned under the sun.

This concern inspired Victor Tsan, MD, to share his acquaintance and experience as broadly as possible. He saw thousands of patients in his twenty-five years of practice in Philadelphia and its vicinity. He also consulted other acupuncturists to heal the most complicated cases. Many of his colleagues say, “If something goes wrong – ask Doctor Tsan.”

“The year 2000 meant a lot to me,” Doctor Tsan says. “From practicing in different medical offices as a complementary naturopathic practitioner, I jumped in the direction of establishing a full-service holistic clinic. I understand this clinic is similar to an outpatient facility that provides all types of services under one roof.” “Think about the average patient,” – Doctor Tsan continues – “that sees a family doctor, an ENT provider, a neurologist, an OB-GYN, etc. And now, compare this example to the holistic approach. The same patient may need acupuncture treatment for lower back pain syndrome, Homeopathic treatment for acid reflux, and hypnotherapy for depression. We deliver all these services at Philadelphia Holistic Clinic in one place.”

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