Natural remedies for low back pain You Can Try At Home

Home remedies for low back pain

Home remedies for low back pain represent natural alternative back pain solutions. Having back pain can make it challenging to carry out your daily activities. Generally, medication and surgery are recommended to deal with them. However, natural and home remedies for lower back pain can be very effective for chronic and acute cases. Much research and scientific data back up these natural remedies.

home remedies for low back pain

If you want to use natural remedies for low back pain, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular and effective remedies. They can offer significant relief, especially with other treatments or remedies.

What Is Low Back Pain?

Almost everyone experiences low back pain at some point in their life. Your lower back starts below your ribcage, known as the lumbar region. Low back pain can often be severe and prevent you from going to work or school. Fortunately, most lower back pain relieves on its own, but if it doesn’t, numerous treatments are available, including natural remedies for lower back pain.

Symptoms of low back pain

Lower back pain symptoms can range from a dull ache to almost a shooting or stabbing sensation. It can hinder your movement and prevent you from even standing up. Acute lower back pain can occur unexpectedly, often due to heavy lifting or injury from sports. If your pain lasts over three months, it is diagnosed as chronic.

Effective Alternative Home remedies for lower back pain

If you’re not seeing results from medications and conventional methods or want a more natural and safer approach, you can try home remedies for lower back pain. They can prove to be very beneficial.

Effective home remedies for low back pain

Stretches – #1 Home remedies for low back pain

For people with lower back pain, exercises can be very effective home remedies for lower back pain. They can prevent future pain and restore your muscles. Some effective exercises for lower back pain include:

  • Press-ups
  • Cobra pose
  • Standing backbends
  • Walking on flat ground

Particularly for tense muscles, stretching can be very effective. It can also strengthen weak muscles. You should stretch gently and refrain from intensive sessions. Don’t attempt stretches that cause pain, as they can cause strains or damage.

Yoga can also be an effective remedy. It is very advantageous in reducing muscle tension that leads to back pain.

Oils and Ointments – another effective Home remedies for low back pain

Blocking the pain sensation, ointments, and rubs can significantly relieve lower back pain. Creams with capsaicin can be particularly useful for desensitizing the pain channels of the affected area.

If you’re looking for ointments and creams as home remedies for low back pain, you should look for the following ingredients:

  • Brazilian arnica
  • Comfrey
  • Cayenne
  • Lidocaine
  • Diclofenac
  • Ibuprofen
  • Ketoprofen

Research shows that topical applications are just as potent as oral medications. You can find these medications in patches, creams, gels, etc. Studies also show that the application of ointments, along with cayenne peppers and acupressure, provides tremendous relief. Lavender essential oil is another excellent option.

Epsom Salt Bath – great Home remedy for lower back pain

Soaking yourself in Epsom salt for about 20 minutes can be very beneficial in alleviating sore back muscles, particularly after exercise. Magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt works through your skin and into sore muscles.

Ensure the water is warm if you want an Epsom bath for your lower back pain. Cold water can lead to muscle cramping, and hot water can cause muscle swelling. Temperature ranging from 92-100°F. Don’t exceed a temperature over 104°F, especially if you have heart issues.

Alternative Treatments that Top the List of Home Remedies for Low Back Pain

Along with home remedies for lower back pain, you can also try alternative treatments like Homeopathy and Acupuncture to deal with your lower back pain symptoms. Often, they can provide better results than conventional methods and are significantly safer options.

Acupuncture for Lower back pain

Acupuncture for low back pain is a safe and potent alternative. By placing very thin needles in strategic points of your body, acupuncture can provide immense relief from symptoms. It’s a holistic treatment for acute and chronic low back pain. Combined with other treatments or natural remedies, acupuncture for lower back pain can produce significant positive results.

Acupuncture for low back pain


Traditional Chinese medicine believes pain results from blocked energy, which acupuncture can effectively remove. Acupuncture can encourage your body to release hormones, neurochemicals, and pain-relieving opioids and send signals to your sympathetic nervous system.

If you want to try acupuncture for lower back pain, make sure you are referred to a qualified and experienced practitioner. If done by professionals, adverse effects from acupuncture are minimal, or none, and the benefits can be tremendous.

Homeopathic remedies for lower back pain

Homeopathy for low back pain has various natural remedies for low back pain. After a comprehensive evaluation and understanding of the symptoms, personalized remedies are prescribed to the patient. Homeopathy can provide long-lasting relief from back pain and prevent it from recurring. Some effective and popular homeopathic remedies include:

  • Nux Vomica: If you’re experiencing constricting low back pains and muscle cramps, which are made worse by cold, Nux Vomica is an excellent homeopathic solution. The low back pain of this type usually worsens at night.
  • Sulphur: If you have low back pain with a slouching posture and the pain is aggravated by warmth, the homeopathic remedy Sulphur is recommended.
  • Aesculus: If you’re experiencing pain in the lower back, which is further aggravated when you stand up. Aesculus can effectively ease the symptoms. Particularly for people having lower back pain with hemorrhoids or venous congestion, this homeopathic remedy is particularly useful.

When Should You See A Doctor?

You should consult a medical practitioner immediately if you have severe back pain from an injury or fall. Some warning signs include loss of bladder or bowel control, fever, leg weakness, numbness in the groin area, and pain associated with urination or coughing. If you have low back pain associated with these symptoms, visit your doctor immediately.


Generally, low back pain is not a significant problem. A large percentage of people experiences this at some point in their life, and the condition goes away on its own. Conventional medication can often bring side effects. If you want a quicker resolution to your low back problems, you can try the above-mentioned home remedies and alternative treatments. They are safe and provide significant relief.

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