Best Remedies for a Natural Treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis

Natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis

Natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis is safe and effective. There are many modalities that fall under the category of natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis and in this article we will discuss all pros and cons. If you’re suffering from seborrheic dermatitis, the symptoms can be very discomforting, and if your child is affected by it, it can be stressful for you as a parent. It’s a very common condition, and the symptoms usually go away on its own. However, you can take certain measures to speed up the healing process. Many people don’t feel comfortable using conventional and allopathic treatments, which often have a high risk of side effects. As a result, many people are resorting to a natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis to deal with the condition. 

Natural Treatment for Seborrheic Dermatitis
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Seborrheic dermatitis – Definition

It’s a common skin condition that primarily affects your scalp. It leads to stubborn dandruff, red skin, and scaly patches. This skin condition can also affect oily parts of your body, such as your chest, eyelids, ears, eyebrows, sides of your nose, and your face. The severity of the condition varies from person to person. In some individuals, seborrheic dermatitis can go away on its own, while others may require repeated treatments. Seborrheic dermatitis can also return after recovery.

Seborrheic dermatitis is also known as seborrheic psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, and dandruff. For infants, seborrheic dermatitis is also known as cradle cap, and it can lead to scaly, crusty patches on the scalp. For a natural and safe treatment, you can try natural remedies for seborrheic dermatitis.

Symptoms and natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic Dermatitis Symptoms

You must lookout for the following symptoms if you feel like you’re suffering from seborrheic dermatitis:

  • Itching
  • Red skin
  • Patches of oily skin with flaky yellow or white crust or scales on the face, scalp, armpits, chest, eyelids, ears, eyebrows, under the breasts or groin area.
  • Dandruff on your mustache, beard, eyebrows, hair or scalp

If you’re stressed out, the symptoms can worsen. They can also flare up during cold and dry seasons. If you want a natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, there are various remedies that can target and eliminate the symptoms completely.

Seborrheic Dermatitis Risk Factors

Certain factors can also increase your chances of getting seborrheic dermatitis such as:

  • Certain medications
  • If you’re recovering from a condition with high-stress levels like a heart attack
  • A weak immune system
  • Psychiatric and neurological conditions such as depression or Parkinson’s disease

Certain allopathic drugs can worsen the condition. As such, you can opt for natural and home remedies for seborrheic dermatitis.

Natural remedies for seborrheic dermatitis aka natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis

A natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis can prevent your exposure to aggressive chemicals and offer great relief. There are various natural remedies for seborrheic dermatitis that are not only effective, but you can try them from the comforts of your home. Many forms of natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis (acupuncture, homeopathy, reiki, and herbs) proved their effectiveness.

Apple Cider Vinegar – essential home natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular home remedies for seborrheic dermatitis, and many people swear by it. Apple cider vinegar can loosen the scales on the scalp and reduce inflammation as well. If you want to use this natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, shampoo your hair first and then apply diluted apple cider vinegar to the affected area. Let the solution sit for a while before rinsing it off. Make sure that you rinse it thoroughly.

Tea Tree Oil – effective home natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis

For seborrheic dermatitis herbal treatment, tea tree oil can also be an effective remedy. Tea tree oil is potent in anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, which can be highly advantageous in treating seborrheic dermatitis. Tea tree oil can be very beneficial for reducing itching and scaly patches of skin. However, remember that tea tree oil can be harsh, and as such, you must dilute it with olive or coconut oil.

Garlic – most common seborrheic dermatitis herbal treatment

Garlic is also an effective natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis. Its very effective in killing yeast and can prevent seborrheic dermatitis flare-ups by preventing the excessive production of yeast on your skin. If you want to use garlic for treating your condition, you can combine garlic juice with a cup of water and apply it to the affected area. Leave it for a while, and then rinse it off thoroughly. 

Homeopathy – #1 natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis

For a holistic treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, a homeopathy is a fantastic option. Homeopathy doesn’t just concentrate on your symptoms but the whole self. Prior to prescribing remedies, a thorough evaluation is done on your current condition as well as medical history. This allows homeopathy for seborrheic dermatitis to get to the core of your problem and provide long-term solutions. Homeopathy doesn’t use any harmful chemicals and instead encourages your body’s natural healing process.

Phosphorus, Natrum Muriaticum, Graphites Naturalis, Thuja Occidentalis, and Kali Sulphuricum are rated as the best homeopathic remedies for seborrheic dermatitis. Homeopathy has no known side effects and can even be used on babies.

Herbal Remedies – popular natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis

There are various herbs for seborrheic dermatitis that can significantly reduce the symptoms. You’ll have to experiment with a few herbs before finding the right one for you. One of the most popular herbs for seborrheic dermatitis is aloe vera.

Aloe vera is potent in anti-inflammatory properties, which can be highly beneficial for treating the condition. They can also reduce the severity of flare-ups as well as suppress it. However, some herbs can counteract medications, so make sure you talk to your doctor or herbalist before using them.

Acupuncture – ancient Chinese natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis

Acupuncture for seborrheic dermatitis is another excellent alternative treatment that can provide permanent results. By inserting thin needles in particular points of your body, acupuncture can encourage your body’s natural healing process. According to your condition and symptoms, acupuncture can be personalized.

Research shows that acupuncture for seborrheic dermatitis after five sessions can provide permanent results. However, remember that the number of sessions required will depend on your individual case.

Acupuncture has no known side effects, and in the hands of a trained practitioner, it’ll not cause any bleeding or bruising. Acupuncture sessions are generally painless, and it can also be a great complement to other natural and alternative treatments for seborrheic dermatitis.


The symptoms from seborrheic dermatitis can be very irritating and unsightly as well. The natural remedies for seborrheic dermatitis mentioned in this article are not only safe, but their effectiveness is backed by science as well. You can try them out for a safe and effective treatment. If you still don’t see results, consult your doctor immediately.

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