Natural Medicine: A New Way Forward For Greater Healing

Natural Medicine – Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Cupping, and more.

Natural Medicine – What’s so unique about natural medicine? Why are so many people using it? Well, the answer is simple: It works! In a world increasingly becoming cautious and aware of the many side effects conventional methods can bring, natural medicine paves a new way forward for healing.

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It’s safe, affordable, and effective. But natural medicine and treatment don’t comprise just a single treatment. Instead, it incorporates numerous therapies and approaches for various illnesses and disorders.

Natural Medicine: What exactly is it?

Natural medicine is a type of alternative medicine often referred to as Naturopathy. Naturopathy offers medical help to its users by employing a variety of treatments that fall under the domain of natural healing. Some of these may include:

The purpose of naturopathy is to incorporate healing by treating the person wholly, meaning the mind, body, and spirit, via vital energy and self-healing techniques. A remarkable feature of natural treatments is that they target the root cause of the problem and do not just temporarily remedy the symptoms.

An individual who practices naturopathy or a natural medicine doctor is called a naturopathic doctor. Naturopathic doctors can be found in hospitals, clinics, private practice offices, etc. These doctors all fall into different groups according to their education and background.

Natural treatment can treat various illnesses, from mild headaches to chronic pain. It has very few to no side effects. The chances of side effects are sporadic. It’s a much safer approach than traditional medicine.

Which conditions does it cover?

Given the array of treatments, naturopathy covers many health concerns and issues. The most common topics that are treated include:

Additionally, licensed naturopathic doctors can perform minor surgeries such as stitching up a small wound, prescribing certain medications, and even receive supplementary training in childbirth, but only if it is under the provision of their respective states.

An individual does not necessarily have to be sick to visit a naturopathic doctor or try out natural medicine. You may try naturopathy treatments if you’re looking for ways to boost your overall health or prevent illness.

Who Can Use It and What Are the Benefits of Natural Medicine?

Natural medicine is suitable for all ages and covers health issues on many levels. As naturopathy is an alternative to pharmaceutical medications, you can opt to use naturopathy medicines if you’re looking for relief from chronic illnesses.

It can also be used as a supplementary medicine and conventional pharmaceutical medicine. For example, if you are undergoing treatment for cancer, you can use naturopathic remedies to aid in easing the side effects of chemotherapy. But you may consult with your regular doctor before any naturopathic treatments.

  • The treatment is harmless due to its use of natural remedies.
  • Patients are more likely to receive undivided personal attention during consultation and treatment. Below are some of how you can benefit from natural medicine:
  • Natural medicine helps in apprehending diseases beforehand. This highly benefits its users because it prevents the patient’s illness outbreak.
  • Naturopathy not only benefits us physically, but it also nourishes our mental and spiritual well-being.
  • Naturopathy stimulates our thinking, leading to a more positive outlook by lowering stress, anxiety, and depression.

Natural Medicine: Is It Safe?

Due to their use of natural remedies and proponents, natural medications are often risk-free, but only under the provision that they have to be thoroughly checked by practitioners and their users.

One of the most significant underlying factors in the safe use of natural medicine is the toxicity of the drugs or herbs. Since there is no adequate data on the toxic content of the plants or techniques used, it is vital on your end to look at the contents and labels of the medicine purchased.

Some short-term toxic effects related to the use of herbal medicines include

Most of the time, side effects under natural medicine result from malpractice. Therefore, before the purchase of any natural medications, it is vital for you to make sure of the contents and to check if you are allergic to any such drugs. However, under the guidance of a professional, these risks and side effects are almost non-existent.

Various Types of Natural Medicine/Treatment

Herbal medicine.

Herbal Medicine - the most common form of natural medicine

Herbal medicines are made from plants by using different combinations of plant parts such as leaves, flowers, or roots. Every aspect of the plant constitutes other medicinal uses and chemical constituents that require different extraction methods. The plant matter can be used in either fresh or dried form.

Many options are available for those interested in exploring the herbal medicinal world. Herbal medicines are found in various forms, such as tablets, capsules, powders, and extracts, and along with this, herbal tea, tinctures, and topical treatments are also made available for consumption.

Experimentation is highly suggested to look at what works best for you. Take tinctures, for example; they are suitable for easy digestion compared to supplements but also carry a bitter alcohol base, which might not work in your favor if you don’t have the stomach for the taste. Talking to a certified naturopath or herbalist will help you determine the correct format and dosage. An array of herbal preparations is available to make use of by natural medicine users-

Water-based preparations include infusions, decoction, syrups, poultices, lotions, and compresses.

Alcohol-based preparations: these are usually called tinctures. Non-alcoholic-based alternatives are also made available in the form of glycerites or vinegar, which are also consumed similarly.

Oil-based preparations include medicinal or external extracts, such as infused oils and ointments.

Other preparations are juices, creams for a skin condition, gargles and mouthwashes, baths and skin washes, pessaries and suppositories, and steam inhalations.

Some of the conditions treated through the use of herbal medicine are:

What is the duration of herbal treatment?

Although many differential factors concerning our biological system make it difficult to determine the definitive duration of the treatment. Certain influential factors are considered to determine the expected time of treatment. Which includes:

  • The condition of the patient
  • How severe the disease is
  • How long has the state been persistent
  • Past medical records
  • History of drug abuse
  • Present health status.


Acupuncture - Chinese Natural Treatment

Acupuncture is a treatment where thin needles are inserted into the body. It uses the method or technique of using your body’s energy flow called “qi” to restore your body’s balance.

Acupuncture works by inserting a very thin needle into specified points in the body to provide self-healing to the body without modern medications. People often use acupuncture to eliminate stress and pain in both mind and body.

Aside from stress and pain relief, acupuncture can be applied to many other health conditions. Including-


homeopathic treatmentIn 2005, the British journal The Lancet attacked homeopathic treatments, saying doctors should be honest about homeopathy’s lack of benefits.

Homeopathy is a natural medicine used to treat acute and chronic illnesses. It effectively uses powerful minerals and natural substances to gradually cure various diseases.

Typically, homeopathic medicines are safe and rarely cause any side effects. Also, if taken under proper and qualified guidance, homeopathic medicines can be available for people of all ages. Homeopathic treatments are often explicitly made for a particular person.

How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy will take account of your body, mind, spirit, and emotions to manage and prevent the disease as the practice of homeopathy is a proponent of the principle ‘like cures like’ or the body heals itself. Simply put, a person can be cured of a disease by substances that provide similar symptoms in healthy people.

Homeopathic products are often made from plants

  • Red onion
  • Poison ivy
  • Arnica (mountain herb)
  • Stinging nettle

Minerals such as white arsenic or animals like crushed whole bees.

Homeopathic products are made available in forms such as

  • Tablets
  • Sugar pellets
  • Ointments
  • Gels
  • Drops
  • Creams
Uses of homeopathy

Given its belief in self-healing, homeopathy has been used by people as a natural medicine in maintaining their overall health and also to treat a list of long-term illnesses such as

It has also been used to treat minor injuries like-

Numerous clinical trials and studies conclude that homeopathy does work. It’s effective for dealing with various disorders, from acne to anxiety to chronic conditions. Even for menopause, homeopathy can be effective in managing the symptoms.


How hypnosis works

Hypnosis is a state of mind where an individual experiences a trance-like state with enhanced focus and concentration. In this treatment, a hypnotist uses specific mental images and verbal repetition to target the cause of the patient’s illness.

This ‘trance’ state is something that you may have experienced regularly in your everyday life indirectly. The only difference between these everyday trances and hypnosis is that one is direct and indirect. Hypnosis requires a professional to induce the trance state directly to you.

Types of Hypnosis

There are four types of hypnosis used in current society

  • Traditional hypnosis: this is considered the easiest and the most common type of hypnosis that anyone can perform without much training or practice. This method uses commands and suggestions to influence an individual’s behavior, actions, feelings, and thoughts. It is also used to connect with our subconscious mind.
  • Eriksonian hypnosis: this method is based on the principles provided by Dr. Milton Erikson. It is a method primarily recommended for individuals skeptical of hypnosis as it uses metaphors instead of commands.
  • NLP hypnosis: this method is used together with self-hypnosis, and it helps deal with problems concerning our self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall mental well-being. In addition, it is also an effective method of dealing with our fears and phobias. Reframe, flash, and anchoring are the techniques used along with NLP hypnosis. This method is considered the most effective form of hypnosis.
  • Self-hypnosis: as the name suggests, the individual carries out this method. It is performed to achieve an intense state of comfort or relaxation. Due to the disregard of a hypnotherapist or hypnotist, the self-hypnosis method has gained popularity among the general public.
Benefits of Hypnosis

Individuals use hypnosis to curb particular health concerns for the improvement and well-being of our lives. It can deal with stress, anxiety, bad habits, phobias, depression, etc. Below are some of the benefits of hypnosis, which is backed by science-

  • Fears and phobias: every single one of us suffers from some fear or phobia in our lives. Whether it’s having a fear of heights, snakes, or claustrophobia, these fears and phobias can get hard to deal with daily. While these fears and phobias are not easy to deal with or completely get rid of, a hypnotherapist can help by trying to find the primary source or origin of your fears and find ways to solve them.
  • Confidence booster: a large group of people regularly suffer from self-confidence issues. While its underlying reason may differ for everyone, the problem remains the same. This type of problem can be dealt with through the help of a qualified hypnotherapist. They can help us find and utilize our best qualities in the best way we can.
  • Smoking cessation: as smoking can be tough to quit, many individuals opt for the help of hypnotherapy to reduce smoking habits. Hypnosis can effectively divert the smoker’s attention to a healthier practice or influence his brain to feel a sensation of horrible taste every time he smokes.
  • Weight loss tool: People often struggle with excessive weight due to their inability to maintain a balanced diet. Hypnotherapy can help individuals in cases like this by using hypnosis to induce an understanding of their relationship with food and why the need to maintain a healthy diet is essential.

Suppose you are considering employing the help of a hypnotherapist. In that case, it is best to consider one with a valid license in hypnotherapy as the choice that will give you the best result suitable for your condition. As every therapist is equipped with performing hypnotherapy, it will be better for you to compare and analyze the reviews before booking an appointment.

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Cupping Therapy Near Me - Old form of naturaal treatment

Cupping: Cupping therapy is a natural medicine that uses special cups to create suction in your body.

Cupping therapies help increase blood circulation where the cups are placed. This will likely help you relax and relieve you if you are suffering from muscle tension. Relief from muscle tension will also improve your overall blood flow while promoting cell repair.

The cups used in the treatment can be made of:

  • Silicone
  • Glass
  • Earthenware
  • Bamboo
Types of cupping.

The methods involved in cupping include:

In both methods, your therapist will put flammable objects like herbs, paper, or alcohol inside a cup and then light it on fire. When the fire begins to go out, the therapist will place the cups upside down on your skin. The cup is usually left in place for 3 minutes.

The cup is left for about 3 minutes to create a mild suction. After this, the therapist removes the cup and uses a scalpel to insert tiny cuts on your skin. After the first one, a second suction removes a small quantity of blood.

Needle cupping is another type of cupping whereby a therapist uses both needles and cups by inserting them and placing them over them.

Use of cupping

Cupping can be used to treat various health concerns, from physical to mental.


Reiki near me - effects of reiki healing

Reiki is a type of alternative therapy most commonly known as energy healing. It is considered a type of natural healing where the practitioner transfers the universal energy from their palm onto their patient. Reiki is also popularly known as energy therapy.

Practitioners believe that energy can stop in the body where physical injury or possible emotional pain has taken place, and in time, these so-called’ energy blocks’ can cause illnesses.

The medicine of energy aims to help continue the flow of energy and remove these energy blocks simultaneously. According to a natural medicine doctor, improving the flow of energy enables:

  • Relaxation
  • Minimize pain
  • Give a progressive healing factor

Reiki isn’t very popular but is slowly gaining ground. It can help gradually and safely heal ailments, particularly chronic pain.


Due to the natural healing remedies and factors involved in natural medicine, many people have opted for this alternative medicine daily, whether for physical or mental health issues. It is also far more affordable than conventional medicines and treatments.

People have started to use natural remedies and consult natural medicine doctors because the medications are considered to be less harmful and without minimal side effects in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs.

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