Alternative Treatments For Stuttering/Stammering

Treatment for stutter

Treatment for stutter is challenging, but often successful if clinical hypnosis chosen as a primary treatment. Stuttering, also known as stammering, affects about 70 million people across the globe. It’s not a dangerous condition, but this speaking disorder can deteriorate your self-confidence and affect how you interact with others. For some people, stuttering can go away on its own. However, some will have to seek treatment. Conventional treatments aren’t effective for everyone and can even include side effects. As such, many people are resorting to more natural and holistic stutter treatment. Alternative treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy, and hypnosis, among others, can provide results without the dangers of side effects. They are safe and gentle enough to be used on all demographics.

Stuttering hypnotherapy - #1 treatment for stutter

Stuttering – Definition

It is a speech disorder. This condition is also known as diffluent speech or stammering. Stuttering is characterized by the following:

  • Uneven rate of speech
  • Halting speech production
  • Repeated words, syllables or sounds

It’s estimated that about 5-10% of all children suffer from stuttering at some point in their life. It typically affects the age group of 2-6. Generally, most children cease stuttering into adulthood. As the child develops, stuttering stops. To prevent this condition in adulthood, early intervention is crucial. However, it also estimated that about 25% of children would continue to stutter even in adulthood. Holistic treatment for stutter can be beneficial for some people, especially if they don’t see any results through conventional methods. This condition can affect both genders but is most prevalent among men. If you’re an adult and you’re suffering from this condition, its unlikely that it’ll go away on its own, and you must seek stuttering treatment for adults.

Stutter causes

Stuttering is categorized into three types: psychogenic, neurogenic, and developmental. Psychogenic form of stuttering occurs in that part of the brain that regulates reasoning and thinking. If there are signal abnormalities between your muscles or nerves and the brain, it can lead to neurogenic stuttering. The developmental form of stuttering generally occurs among children below the age of five and tends to go away without treatment. For stuttering cure, numerous methods like speech and cognitive behavioral therapy, are utilized. Natural and alternative stutter treatment adults have also shown great results in some patients. 

What Causes Stuttering?

There are various causes for stuttering, such as:

  • Development during childhood
  • Neurophysiology
  • Family dynamics
  • Family history of stuttering

What is causing stuttering

Neurogenic stuttering can also be caused by brain injuries arising from a stroke. If you have experienced serious emotional trauma, it can also lead to psychogenic stuttering. If your parents suffered from stuttering, it’s very likely you’ll inherit the condition as well. Regardless of the causes, stutter treatment adults should be able to get to the root cause of the problem.

Natural Treatments For Stutter

Many people see fantastic results through natural and alternative treatment for stutter. What makes them so effective is that they don’t just concentrate on the symptoms, but the whole self-making it possible to get to the root of the problem and find an effective remedy. An alternative treatment for stammer has no side effects and, at times, can provide better results than conventional methods. Some powerful natural and alternative stutter treatment include:

Hypnosis – traditional and most effective treatment for stutter.

Stuttering hypnosis treatment has proven to be very effective for many people. During a stammering hypnosis session, you’ll be placed in a trance-like situation where you’ll experience enhanced focus and become more receptive to suggestions. This allows the hypnotist to access your subconscious mind and treat your stammering. Due to this, hypnosis for stammering can be more effective than speech therapy.

Clinical Hypnosis - #1 Treatment for Stutter

Research backs the effectiveness of hypnosis for stuttering. Various recorded studies have shown that hypnosis can significantly reduce the severity of stuttering. However, it’s important to note that it’ll take multiple sessions before you see results. Hypnosis has no side effects, and it’s a complete misconception that it leads to brainwashing. Further, hypnosis can even be combined with other alternative treatments to increase the chances of positive results.

Acupuncture – ancient Chinese treatment for stutter

Acupuncture for stuttering is another excellent alternative treatment.  It’s non-invasive and doesn’t use any harmful chemicals but instead focuses on encouraging your body’s natural healing system. By placing very thin needles in particular points of your body, acupuncture can treat various ailments. 

Research shows acupuncture for stuttering to be very promising. Laser acupuncture, in particular, has proven to be very effective. A study showed that laser acupuncture reduced up to 70% of stuttering. In combination with other stuttering treatments like homeopathy, the result can be even better.

Acupuncture doesn’t have any side effects, and in the hands of a trained practitioner, it’ll not cause any bleeding or bruising. However, you must keep in mind that it’ll take several sessions over the course of time to see the benefits.

Homeopathy – an essential natural approach to treatment for stutter.

If you want a safer and a more holistic approach, you must consider stammering homeopathy treatment. Homeopathy doesn’t just focus on your symptoms but the whole self. Prior to treatment, an exhaustive evaluation of your symptoms as well as medical history is carried out. This allows the homeopath to get to the root of your problem, and afterward, homeopathic remedies are prepared for your particular case. Homeopathy doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals and instead utilized diluted forms of the most potent natural ingredients. Due to its safety, homeopathy is effective for children as well as a stammering treatment for adults.

There is a various stammering cure in homeopathy such as Causticum, Hyoscyamus, Cuprum Metallicum, and Belladonna. These remedies are often combined, and treatment can be personalized depending on your particular condition. Homeopathy doesn’t have any side effects and can be used on all demographics. Homeopathy can even be used in conjunction with other alternative and allopathic stutter treatment.


Stuttering isn’t a dangerous or serious ailment, but it can be embarrassing, especially among children. With effective treatment, you can eliminate the condition or reduce the severity to such an extent that it doesn’t hinder your self-confidence. The above-mentioned natural treatments for stammering can not only provide results but won’t cause any adverse effects as well. They are also significantly more affordable than allopathic treatments. For your evaluation appointment with Dr. Tsan contact Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic or use our online scheduling application.