Natural and Effective Remedies for Bedwetting

Treatment for Enuresis

Treatment for enuresis could be challenging, and some youngsters still pee in bed at 11, 13, or even 15 years old. Enuresis, aka bedwetting, is not dangerous or life-threatening, but it can bring the individual a lot of embarrassment and shame. It doesn’t just affect children; it’s estimated that about 2–3 percent of adults also suffer from enuresis. If you or your child suffer from this condition, there’s no need to pump your body full of medications or resort to aggressive treatments. You can opt for a natural treatment for enuresis that can provide the same results as allopathic treatments without the side effects. After some time, the natural treatment of enuresis will yield permanent results and save you or your child from embarrassment.

Treatment for Enuresis


Enuresis: Definition, Types, and Treatment

This condition is commonly referred to as ‘bedwetting.’ The most common type of elimination disorder is bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis. Daytime wetting is known as diurnal enuresis. Some children can suffer from one type of enuresis or a combination of both. Among children, this condition isn’t diagnosed until the child is five years of age or older.

The most common enuresis includes:

  • Wetting a minimum of two times a week for about three months
  • Wetting clothes
  • Repeated bedwetting

What causes enuresis?

Various factors can lead to enuresis. Some common causes of enuresis include:

  • Developmental delays
  • Severe stress
  • Persistent urinary tract infections
  • A small bladder

Treatment for Enuresis

Among adults, the factors can be different. Adult enuresis can be due to the following:

  • Medication and diet: Some insomnia medications can also lead to bedwetting. Psychiatric drugs such as risperidone, clozapine, and thioridazine have also been linked to bedwetting. Alcohol and caffeine can also cause enuresis.
  • Structural causes: If you have problems in your pelvis, prostate, and urethra, like bladder cancer, prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, urinary tract stones, and urinary tract infections, you can suffer from enuresis.
  • Neurological causes: if you’re suffering from enuresis, you’ll likely have a smaller bladder capacity, meaning that the amount of urine your bladder can hold before it sends a signal to your brain that it’s full is below average. Along with bladder instability or an overactive bladder, this can cause bedwetting.
  • Hormonal causes: Your body produces a hormone known as ADH at night, which slows your kidney’s urine production as you sleep. When you suffer from enuresis, the creation of this hormone is insufficient to slow your urine production, which can cause bedwetting. This can often be a symptom of type 1 or 2 diabetes.

Various natural remedies for bedwetting can target various symptoms and cure the condition. They are also significantly cheaper than allopathic or conventional treatments.

Natural Remedies for Bed Wetting: An Effective Treatment for Enuresis

If you want more holistic, safer, and natural treatments for enuresis, there are various remedies you can try that can provide effective results. Holistic medicine is very effective, especially for cases of nocturnal bedwetting in kids. The methods that fall in the category of holistic treatments for enuresis are: 

Homeopathy: #1 treatment for enuresis

Homeopathic remedies for bedwetting are an excellent option for safe and holistic treatment. Homeopathy doesn’t just concentrate on your symptoms but on your entire self. An extensive evaluation of your current symptoms and medical history before prescribing remedies. This allows homeopathy to get to the root of your problem and find a permanent solution. Homeopathy can not only cure your current enuresis but also prevent future issues.

Various homeopathic remedies for bedwetting include Belladonna, sepia, Causticum, Rhus Toxicodendron, Sulphur, Equisetum, and more. Homeopathy, as a treatment for bedwetting, can be personalized according to your particular symptoms.

The most significant advantage of homeopathy as a bedwetting treatment is that it has no known side effects and can be used even on small children. The results can often be remarkable.

Bedwetting hypnosis is an effective treatment for enuresis.

For an alternative treatment for enuresis, bedwetting hypnosis is another fantastic option. Hypnosis makes you trance-like and directs your brain toward healthier habits. Statistics show hypnosis to be even better than traditional approaches such as medication, drinking less before bedtime, setting bedwetting alarms, and other measures as a treatment for enuresis. By directly accessing your subconscious mind, bedwetting hypnosis targets the core of your problem and can eliminate enuresis forever.


Hypnosis doesn’t cause any brainwashing. Even though you’ll be in a trance-like situation, you’ll still have complete control over yourself. Hypnosis as a bedwetting treatment is safe to use even on children.

Acupuncture for bedwetting—an ancient Chinese treatment for enuresis

You can also opt for acupuncture if you’re searching for a safe yet effective enuresis treatment. This ancient Chinese technique inserts thin needles in particular points of your body to encourage your body’s natural healing system. Research shows acupuncture to be a very effective treatment of bedwetting, even in comparison to conventional methods. Acupuncture for bedwetting can positively affect your spinal micturition centers, your parasympathetic innervation to your urinary tract, and even your brain function. As such, it can be very beneficial for treating enuresis.

Acupuncture doesn’t have any known side effects, and in the hands of a trained practitioner, it’ll cause no bruising or bleeding. However, remember that it might take multiple sessions before you see results from acupuncture for bedwetting.

Reflexology is a treatment for enuresis in the comfort of your home.

Reflexology is a gentle, safe, and non-invasive way of massaging your feet. By influencing specific points on your feet, reflexology can trigger your body’s natural healing capacity. Reflexology is beneficial and soothing for children as it can calm anxiety, aid sleep, and reduce stress levels. 

Natural remedies for bedwetting are also effective for adult patients. As described below, adults suffer from enuresis due to different medical conditions and the side effects of some pharmaceutical drugs.

Treatment for nvoluntary urination in adults

As a natural treatment for enuresis, reflexology can influence your brain-bladder connection, enhance the strength of the bladder, and help the nervous system reduce tension. It concentrates on the endocrine system and can re-energize your body. The amount of treatment required will depend on the individual’s symptoms.


It’s highly recommended that you start treatment for enuresis earlier. Typically, at the age of 1.5 years, a child is supposed to be able to control his bladder and hold urine all night long. You or your child have no reason to take harsh drugs and medications. At times, the side effects can be worse than the enuresis itself. The alternatives mentioned above and natural treatments for enuresis are helpful and will provide you with results safely and holistically. They are also significantly cheaper. If you still don’t see results after trying the above-mentioned alternative treatments, promptly contact a specialist, as you might suffer from more significant problems.

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