Holistic and Natural treatments For Autism: Are They Effective?

Natural treatment for autism

Natural treatment for autism is safe and effective. In today’s world, most parents of autistic kids prefer natural treatment for autism instead of the use of pharmaceutical drugs – Risperidone and aripiprazole

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has become highly prevalent. In the US alone, parental numbers suggest that 1 in 45 children have autism whereas officials estimate the number to be around 1 in 68. It’s hard to have an accurate estimate but is well accepted that it’ll be higher. It is one of the most rapidly growing medical diagnosis. Autism children are becoming common in the classroom and are a source of stigma and secrecy among certain cultures and communities, particularly in Asia.

Natural treatment for autism

As of now, there is no cure for autism. However, numerous holistic natural treatments have displayed remarkable benefits for autism patients, from diets to herbs to homeopathy. If you want a more natural treatment for autism, there are several viable options.

What Is Autism and what is Natural Treatment for Autism?

It is a developmental disability that can lead to major behavioral, communication, and social challenges. Some children experience only mild symptoms, while others can encounter dangerous life challenging symptoms. For this reason, ASD is considered a spectrum disorder.

ASD symptoms vary from individual to individual, but it usually involves difficulties in interacting and communicating with others. Patients may also show a lack of interest in various activities and perform repetitive behaviors. In 80-90% of cases, autism symptoms manifest by the age of two. It is also more common among boys than girls.

What causes autism? Various factors can lead to autism, including genetic, biological, and environmental factors. Some studies show that abnormal gut microbiota and a leaky gut are also associated with ASD.

Generally, ASD starts before the child reaches the age of three, and it lasts throughout their lives. In some cases, children reach their developmental milestones until 18-24 months but fail to progress further and even unlearn some skills they possessed previously. Studies show that up to 50% of parents observe ASD symptoms in their children before they turn one year old. By the age of two, 80-90% notice problems.

For autistic adults and kids, Natural treatment for autism, such as changing diets or homeopathy, can play a significant role in mitigating autism symptoms. A healthy and balanced diet should be a significant element of your Natural treatment for autism plan.

Holistic and Natural Treatment for Autism

Natural treatment for autism

Certain dietary changes and alternative treatments like Ayurveda and homeopathy have shown positive results in mitigating autism symptoms.

Diet for autism

Changing diets can help alleviate ASD symptoms. You can incorporate certain food items into your diet to aid in managing your symptoms.

  • Probiotics: Incorporate more fermented foods such as Kimchi, Amasai, or kefir. They possess probiotics that help repair a leaky gut. A respectable amount of studies have put forward that a healthy balance of bacteria can be beneficial for autism patients.
  • Poultry: poultry food items such as organic turkey possess an amino acid called tryptophan that assists in producing serotonin. People with ASD may have low tryptophan metabolism, which can alter brain development, mitochondrial function, and neuroimmune activity.
  • Bone broth: Bone broth possesses essential minerals and amino acids that can enhance mineral deficiencies and help with leaky gut. Ideally, you should go for bone broth made from scratch.
  • Unprocessed and additive-free foods: For ADHD, food additives can be problematic. It would be best if you opted for homemade, unprocessed, nutrient-rich whole foods.

Its also recommended that you remove soy, food coloring, dye, sugar, cow’s dairy, and gluten-rich foods from your diet. A healthy diet for autism should be primary in any Natural treatment for autism.

Homeopathy for autism

A protocol for Homeopathic treatment for autism can vary. There is no single remedy in Homeopathy for autism. Depending on the medical condition and symptoms displayed, homeopathic remedies can be personalized and prescribed. For this, homeopaths carry out an extensive evaluation before prescribing remedies. In one case study, two doses of the homeopathic remedy Stramonium 200c was prescribed to a girl patient who displayed destructiveness, restlessness, and a desire for music and dance. After a period of two months, concentration improved by 75%, and aggressiveness also went down by 80%. The patient displayed more calmness and an increased interest in studying and remaining in one place.

Homeopathy for autism can be a viable option if you’re not seeing any improvements from conventional methods and treatments. Additionally, it can also be supplemented or combined with other natural and alternative treatments for increased effectiveness. With homeopathic remedies for autism, it’s entirely possible to get to the root of the problem and reduce the symptoms to such a degree that it doesn’t hinder the patient’s life in any way.

Herbs for autism

Many people notice improvements with their autism symptoms with herbal remedies. Ginger root can be helpful for dealing with gastrointestinal complaints. Some autism patients also experience gastrointestinal problems; managing these problems can make it easier for them to concentrate on behavior and interactions. Among Herbs for autism, St John’s Wort is another excellent option.  Research shows that this natural treatment for autism can lessen irritability among ADS patients. It has few side effects such as fatigue and digestive problems and should not be taken if you’re under blood thinners, immune suppressants, oral contraceptives, and others.

Herbs for autism are generally safe, and there are no known side effects. However, it’s crucial that you refer to a licensed and experienced homeopath for the best results.

Ayurveda autism treatment

Ayurveda autism treatment, as a form of natural treatment for autism, addresses dosha imbalances, particularly Vata dosha increase. Addressing this aids the child with anxiety, apprehension, and organization. Many autistic children encounter problems with a change in routine. Daily ayurvedic massages can be soothing for the child.

Ayurvedic treatment for autism generally involves daily ayurvedic massages to help relax and calm an autistic patient. It is also significantly more affordable and has no known side effects. You can use Ayurveda as a supplementary treatment along with other therapies and treatments as part of your Natural treatment for autism approach.

Conclusion about Natural Treatment for Autism

As of now, no cure exists for autism. Autism has been at the center stage of the medical world, surrounded by controversies and heated debates over its causes and treatments. There is no specific remedy or treatment that can work for all patients. Adopting a holistic and natural treatment for autism can prove to be beneficial, especially when conventional and traditional methods fail. They are also a more affordable and safer alternative.

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