Buccal Massage by Marina Latman, LE

Buccal massage

Buccal massage, aka sculptural massage, is the most sophisticated rejuvenating and therapeutic facial massage technique applied to the buccal region. Because of the way the technique is used, it is unlike any other facial massage. It necessitates operating both on the inside and outside of the face through the mouth cavity. Buccal massage enables one to access the skin’s deeper layers, including the muscles, ligaments, and bones. Only superficial results are produced by superficial facial massage. We can naturally boost facial tone, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and enhance skin complexion by focusing on deeper structures. As a result, we can significantly lessen the visible effects of aging without undergoing surgery. This method necessitates a thorough understanding of the anatomical components of the face as well as the ability to manipulate specific muscles. Buccal massage requires special training and certification before it can be performed. Upon earning her accreditation from the most reputable European clinic, Marina Latman introduced the buccal massage technique to Philadelphia. Epidermology and buccal massage complement each other to postpone the onset of premature aging. The Philadelphia Holistic Clinic is honored to provide this unique, cutting-edge facial massage technique. It is acknowledged as the top authority on buccal massage in the City of Brotherly Love. With the help of a medically educated specialist, restore your skin’s beauty and health, and shine organically.

Face microzone to use during the buccal massage

The advantages of massages are apparent, whether you want to give yourself a massage at home or treat yourself to your first one in a posh spa. We think everyone should occasionally indulge in complete relaxation to gorgeous, glowing skin. We want to stay up to date on all the buzzy information on new methods and services available because we are massage advocates. The newest to come across our radar. Buccal rubdowns. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them. Dr. Julia Tzu, a board-certified dermatologist and consultant for Skincare.com gave us the entire scoop. Continue reading to learn what a buccal massage is, its functions, and its alleged advantages.

A Buccal massage: What Is It?

According to Dr. Tzu, this recently popularized massage is simply a facial massage that focuses on enhancing circulation in the “buccal” region. We know that when you typically consider massage, you probably imagine most of the job will concentrate on your back. The word “buccal,” pronounced “buckle,” refers to the region where this massage is performed around the mouth and chin.

What Happens During a Buccal massage?

Topical treatments, exfoliators, extractions, peels, and massage — again, often on the outside of the face and jaw — are frequently included in facials. On the other hand, buccal facials are performed from the inside out; it is an intra-oral massage that targets pressure points on the cheek. And it can be the ideal strategy to improve your self-care regimen if you frequently carry stress in your jaw.

In case you’re unsure, the answer is yes when someone gives you a buccal massage (interesting fact: the Latin word for bucca is cheek).

Face sclulpturing

Why would you voluntarily choose this procedure if having a dentist inside your mouth is unpleasant enough? Well, the list of potential advantages is interesting.

The skin care specialist performing the buccal massage will massage your mouth and the area around your jaw on the inside and outside. No need to fear; latex gloves will be worn throughout. Although it might not be the first location that springs to mind when considering where to get a massage, many people swear by its effectiveness at releasing tension. In his private practice, Dr. Tzu states, “I administer a buccal massage following the injection of cosmetic fillers for nasolabial folds. She also says it’s an effective treatment method for acne scar subsiding. She continues by explaining how she uses her medical version of a buccal massage to enhance the skin’s absorption of injectable hyaluronic acid.

However, how does someone massage your mouth exactly? As with a regular facial, the entire procedure is carried out with the patient lying on their back and facing up, according to Babayan. Our 60-minute personalized Buccal facial treatment at Philadelphia Holistic Clinic includes 40 minutes of buccal and sculptural massage therapy. The remaining time is spent performing a standard face massage, all tailored to the client’s skin type and demands.

The expert will place a gloved finger, typically the thumb or index finger, into the mouth during the Buccal massage. They will then knead within the mouth along the entire cheek while massaging from the outside of the mouth with the remaining fingers. They also massage the muscles in the nasal passage, lips, and cheek.

If the words “massage” and “nasal” together make you feel uneasy, it’s probably not because it’s supposed to be comfy (sorry!). Due to the release of some pressure points and the kneading in places that aren’t typically touched or stimulated during therapy, you should be prepared for some tenderness, according to Anna Babayan, the esthetician from Boston. Many patients report feeling “completely contemplative” after their therapy. Consider how a body massage therapist might find a knot and then release it by applying pressure. It probably feels close to painful, but after your treatment, when your body is completely relaxed, you completely forget about it.

Warning: Due to the stimulation’s increased blood flow to your face and head, you can experience a minor headache afterward.

Although benefits can be seen after only one session and do differ from client to client, it is advised that a person have eight to ten operations (up to a maximum of 12) at a pace of once per week for women and twice per week for males for the best possible outcome, according to Babayan. “Men’s muscles are more powerful and have a stronger pull. Several sessions are necessary to loosen and relax such muscles,” Babayan reveals. The same is true of Botox; males need more of it more frequently, and it wears out faster since their muscles tend to be stronger and have higher contraction force.

Buccal massage for cheek fat removal.

The cheek fat reduction surgery is so popular because, according to Dr. Weintraub, “the most attractive faces in the world have a strong angularity.”

Ms. Teigen, 37, acknowledged having the procedure—also known as cheek fat reduction surgery—on her Instagram page in September 2021.

She said, “I’m seeing the benefits of buccal massage, and I have enjoyed it since I stopped drinking.”

Lea Michele from Glee and Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones may have had cosmetic surgery, but celebrities are typically reluctant to disclose it. This is because, in recent public appearances, they both appeared to have more defined jawlines.

Lea Michele, Amelia Hamlin, and Sophie Turner's faces after buccal massage for cheek fat reduction

It continues to be popular in some areas of social media.

The hashtag for buccal fat removal on TikTok has received over 150 million views due to viral videos debating the operation and speculating which celebrities may have undergone it.

It is a solely aesthetic, long-lasting surgery.

Dr. Weintraub likens the impression it produces on a person’s face to make it appear as though they are permanently puffing on a cigarette. He described it as having a “desirable” angle.

He claimed that the fat pads in the mouth serve as a cushion. They may act as a cushion between the teeth when eating.

However, the plastic surgeon contrasted their true function in the body to that of the appendix, saying that both have become superfluous as the body has outgrown both.

Dr. Weintraub makes an incision inside the patient’s mouth during the two surgeries he does each week at his Manhattan office.

Women are the recipients of about 75% of the procedures. The typical price range for surgery is $9,500 to $12,000.

He then takes a “tablespoon”-sized amount of liquid fat and compares it to the fat that one might be accustomed to seeing when frying chicken.

Twilight anesthesia will be used to put patients to sleep during the surgery.

According to Dr. Weintraub, this is crucial because moving while a doctor makes an incision within a patient’s mouth could be quite harmful.

The procedure takes about an hour, with the surgeon finishing each side of the mouth in about a half-hour.

The incisions will then be stitched up by the surgeon using absorbable thread.

Low risk and infrequent problems. Rarely, a patient may develop an infection at the incision site or sustain damage to some facial nerves.

If the surgery is done incorrectly, the person might develop an asymmetrical face. Another cosmetic operation might be necessary to remedy this.

Recovery is frequently rapid. According to Dr. Weintraub, a person who has buccal fat removal surgery can return to work the following day.

As some recipients have swelling for weeks following the treatment, it could take some time for their angular jawlines to become visible.

One frequently mentioned drawback of the surgery is that it makes people look older and will only make them look worse as they age.

This is disputed by Dr. Weintraub, who claims that “it will make you look a lot younger.”

What should I do following a procedure?

After a session, it’s normal to feel relaxed, but your facial muscles can feel a little worn out. Your face or jaw may feel sore, achy, or uncomfortable, depending on how tense you were before the treatment. If that’s the case, use a warm compress to relax the muscles.

After a treatment, it’s crucial to drink plenty of water to assist in flushing any toxins that are produced. After a session, it is entirely OK to carry on with your daily activities, but we advise you to rest up for the day. After the therapy, you can feel a little tired, which is common. In extremely rare circumstances, a client may experience cold-like symptoms for a few hours following the treatment, such as a headache or mild body aches. This could indicate that your body’s natural healing and detoxification processes are in action as things are flushed out of the system.

We strongly recommend using cosmetic acupuncture and buccal massage to increase both effectiveness. Acupuncture services are available in our office and performed by the famous Chinese specialist Da Wei Hu, Lac.

What are the benefits of buccal massage?

A series of sessions is advised to see results, with the precise number being decided at the first appointment while considering each patient’s health and skin characteristics. Massage should be performed multiple times a year combined with a specifically designed therapeutic line of cosmetic items to maintain the results of the course of therapy.

For those who want a natural and holistic approach to anti-aging, buccal massage can be an excellent substitute for plastic surgery and injections. It can give users of injections or surgical procedures a strong support network to enhance outcomes and hasten recovery.

A buccal massage shares the general public’s perception that it is an opulent way to unwind. In addition to being a terrific method to relax, it also has several physical advantages. It helps to release tension in the mouth and jaw. Does your face, for instance, feel puffy and lifeless? The buccal massage might be beneficial. Dr. Tzu asserts that manual manipulation of the buccal region may also enhance facial lymphatic drainage, which will help to reduce facial puffiness. The massage may momentarily improve blood flow and encourage a youthful glow and facial aid contouring.

Buccal massage treatment may lead to the following improvements:

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves facial contour, reduces swelling and dark circles around the eyes, and improves skin texture.
  • Helps release tension and stress in muscles.
  • Releases tension related to TMJ syndrome and helps release psycho-emotional blockages often associated with daily stress.
  • Rejuvenate the Lower Face
  • Tense jaw muscles should relax
  • Sculpt and Tone the Lower Face
  • Enhances Complexion
  • Reduce the lower face’s and cheeks’ bloating
  • Streamline the jawline
  • Softening of Lower Face Lines
  • Reduces Lip Lines
  • Decrease TMJ pain
  • Avoid Clinching to Reduce Headaches and Migraines
  • Encourage the proper drainage of facial lymph
  • Help the facial area detoxify healthily.
  • Increase Face Circulation for a Healthy Glow

Why could you choose to have a sculptural massage?

The proprietor of Anna Babayan Skincare and a licensed buccal therapist, Anna Babayan, claims that the buccal facial “better targets the underlying muscles of the area.” It focuses on pressure spots that aid in restoring facial muscle tone and easing tension. The concept of “tone” of the skin in terms of skin care is the firmness or flexibility of the muscle.

According to Babayan, the procedure’s benefits include stress relief in the jaw for clenchers, teeth grinders, and, most importantly, those with temporomandibular disorders (TMD). Other advantages include enhanced circulation, smoother facial lines, and higher collagen formation. TMD is the collective term for conditions affecting the jaw, according to Angelique Freking, D.D.S., dental director of Park Slope Dentistry in Brooklyn, New York (people frequently use the inaccurate title “TMJ”). According to Freking, TMD can be brought on by problems with the joint, extrinsic causes like trauma, or problems with the muscles around the joint.

According to Freking, the main advantages of this sort of massage for TMD sufferers include “relaxation and subsequent pain-tension alleviation of the targeted muscles.” “Patients with muscle pain can experience reduced tension and pain reduction by massaging the muscles that govern the jaw: the temporalis, masseter, and lateral pterygoid. Massage can help the muscles relax and enable full opening in patients whose mouths only partially open during an acute TMD flare-up.” A buccal massage (just like any other massage) will relieve tension in your neck and head even if you don’t have TMD, according to Freking.

According to Babayan, massaging the inner cheek muscles also helps to relax, lengthen, and relieve tension in those tissues, giving the face a more lifted and plump appearance. According to her, “buccal massage is also supposed to define the contour of the jaw and cheekbones and enhance the formation of collagen [the main structural protein in the body’s diverse connective tissues. just how? Well, according to Freking, “if your muscles are in a constricted condition (a “knot,” or myofascial trigger point), gently massaging the muscle out of a contracted state may create a very little noticeable difference as the trigger point releases, and the muscle elongates.” Regarding aesthetic skin advantages, a study published in PLOS One demonstrates that face massage has favorable advantages for the skin’s anti-aging properties.

According to Babayan, a buccal facial may result in more relaxed facial expressions, radiant skin, and fuller cheeks due to the physical relaxing of the facial muscles. This is all due to improved blood flow due to the lymphatic massage; if your lymphatic system is blocked, gentle massage can promote flow, which plumps your appearance, according to Freking.

Additionally, according to Babayan, some individuals substitute Buccal facials for cosmetic injectables. Although the results of a buccal massage are transient, she claims that continuous use can make them a great non-invasive prophylactic treatment.

Buccal massage for lips

Contraindications for buccal massage

Buccal massage is a relatively safe technique that seldom results in consequences, although there are always certain limitations to many aesthetic treatments. Suppose you have any of the following illnesses. In that case, you should avoid receiving a buccal massage: for cancer, thyroid disorders, skin allergies, worsening of chronic diseases, infection, open wounds on the face, hematomas, acute dermatological concerns, bruising, or pregnancy. We advise delaying this delightful operation for two weeks if you just received Botox injections, filler injections, micro-needling, dermabrasion, or any other invasive beauty treatments. Buccal massage should not be performed if you are facing any of the following conditions:

  • Damage to the skin in the area of exposure caused by dermatological diseases in the acute state (burns, abrasions, wounds, scratches)
  • Bruises, skin infections, including herpes, malignant tumors or neoplasms of unknown etiology, and allergic manifestations.
  • Febrile conditions with purulent lesions of the face’s skin and an increase in body temperature.
  • Disorders of the thyroid gland
  • Pregnancy

Buccal massage in Philadelphia

If you live in the City of Brotherly Love or the nearest suburbs, Philadelphia Holistic Clinic will be your right choice. At the clinic, licensed esthetician Marina Latman, LE, provides buccal massage treatment as a member of the team of holistic practitioners.

Marina has been a licensed esthetician in Pennsylvania since 2007 and has a solid holistic health background.

You may schedule your appointment for a buccal massage by contacting our clinic at (267) 403-3085.