Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

Natural remedies for anxiety and depression are popular among patients who understand that pharmaceutical anti-depressants cause too many side effects. Mental health issues and mental illness have become a rising factor in affecting the overall well-being of individuals. It has become a chronic condition for many and hinders their day-to-day experiences.

Natural Remedies for anxiety and depression


As the percentage of mental health problems and illnesses grows daily, many medical treatments are available for individuals. Among the variety of treatments, people have regularly sought the help of natural remedies for anxiety and depression, as they have been proven by many to be more efficient and effective in treating and soothing the mind.

Today, in this review, we learn about how natural remedies for anxiety and depression are a safe and effective approach to treating people with emotional illnesses by exploring the natural methods and techniques available and involved in treating the condition.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety: Anxiety is a natural way for your body to respond to stress. Everyone experiences anxiety in their daily lives occasionally, but when it becomes extreme without any control, it indicates one may suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Depression: It is a mental disorder and condition that causes problems both emotionally and physically, such as feelings of sadness, emptiness, worthlessness, and minimal interest in everyday things. It is a severe mental illness that has a negative effect and a negative determinant on how an individual feels, thinks, and acts.

Natural Remedies to Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are the most common and frequent mental health problems today. Hence, natural medical treatments host a variety of methods and technologies to improve the patient’s overall health.

If you are looking for more natural and relaxing treatments for your condition, here are some natural remedies for anxiety and depression.

Homeopathy is the #1 natural remedy for anxiety and depression

Homeopathy: In natural medicine, homeopathy offers a list of natural remedies for anxiety and depression used in treating various symptoms specific to these medical psychiatric conditions. Below are some homeopathic remedies.

  • Arsenicum album: This remedy is used to treat people with symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Ignatia is the most famous natural remedy for anxiety and depression. Ignatia treats depression and anxiety resulting from loss or shock, such as losing a loved one or witnessing an accident. The dosage of the medication is dependent on the depressive symptoms.
  • Sepia: This natural remedy for anxiety and depression is often used to treat women experiencing emotional instability as a result of menopause as well as postnatal depression.
  • Gelsemium: This natural remedy for anxiety and depression is for individuals who face anxiety because they feel inadequate.
  • Natrum Muriaticum – This remedy is frequently used for treating symptoms of stress and mild depression. Usually, Natrum Muriaticum patients consume a large amount of sodium

Acupuncture – ancient Chinese natural remedy for anxiety and depression

Acupuncture: is a medical technique of treating health problems by inserting needles into specific points (acupoints) in the body. Here are some acupoints targeted at treating depression.

  • Hegu (L14)
  • Zusanli (ST36)
  • Yinxi (HT6)
  • Zhongwan (CV12)
  • Taixi (K13)
  • Master of heart 6 (MH6)
  • Shugu (BL65)
  • Yanglingquan (GB34)

In acupuncture, apart from needles, pressure is also applied to these points through the hands. This is called acupressure. Also, electric stimulation can be applied to needles, called electric acupuncture. Here are some pressure points to get anxiety relief.

  • Hall of impression-this This is the point that lies in between your eyebrows.
  • The shoulder well point lies on your shoulder muscle.
  • Union Valley point is found on the webbing, which lies between the index finger and thumb.
  • The Heavenly Gate point is located in the upper shell of the ear.
  • The inner frontier gate- this point is located on your arm. It is located below your wrist by about three finger widths.
  • Great Surge point-this pressure point is located on the foot, and you can find it by placing your finger 2 or 3 widths just below the intersecting point of the big and second toe.

Clinical Hypnosis – the best natural remedy for anxiety and depression

Hypnosis is a process by which your mind is induced into a trance state. Hypnotherapy is a type of treatment that uses hypnosis to treat patients. Here is how hypnotherapy helps in treating anxiety and depression. Hypnosis is one of the most effective natural remedies for anxiety and depression

  • It opens your subconscious mind, which can help you recover from past experiences and traumas that led to your anxiety and depression.
  • It helps you release bottled-up emotions and feelings, which, if left unchecked, can further invoke depression and stress.
  • Triggering events like death, loss, or rejection can become the underlying basis for one’s depression and anxiety; hence hypnotherapy specializes in targeting these events and helps the patient to deal with them.
  • With each session, patients are advised and given measures on how to eradicate their trauma and the negativity that comes along with it. This process slowly helps the patient replace negative feelings and thoughts with positive outlook and affirmation.
  • Through this method of natural healing and treatment by using hypnosis, you might achieve long-term improvement of not just your mental health but your physical wealth as well.

The use of hypnosis or hypnotherapy can help people relax and concentrate. It can ease pain, lessen anxiety, lift your spirits, and support depression.1 Additionally, hypnosis can aid in relaxation, perspective-changing, and learning new abilities.
Hypnosis is achieved with the assistance of a skilled therapist through directed relaxation, keen concentration, and concentrated attention.

The objective is for a patient to enter a heightened level of awareness, also called a trance, to concentrate attention on particular ideas or tasks. Hypnosis can take two different forms:

  • Suggestion therapy: Using suggestions to assist in changing habits
  • Patient analysis: Investigating a situation or memory to identify its underlying causes.
  • It’s a frequent fallacy that hypnotizing puts you in control of someone else. That is untrue. Patients cannot be forced to do anything by their therapist.
  • Patients can examine feelings, memories, and thoughts that may have been hidden from their conscious awareness while they are hypnotized.

Hypnosis can be used to manage discomfort, break bad habits, or improve a variety of diseases, including:

  • phobias, anxieties, and fears
  • sleep problems
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Loss and grief

In addition to these procedures, other natural methods and substances act as a natural remedy for anxiety and depression.

Natural remedies for anxiety

  • Meditation: Meditating helps slow thoughts, which makes it easy to manage anxiety and stress.
  • Aromatherapy: Smelling the oils of soothing plants can help ease anxiety and stress. You can start experimenting with various samples to determine which scent works best for you.
  • Cannabidiol oil: This particular oil derives from the plant cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana. Unlike its other forms, this cannabis oil does not have the THC substance, which creates the “high.” It is made available and found in many natural medicine shops.
  • Herbal tea: Consuming herbal teas can directly affect the brain, resulting in reduced anxiety. A trial conducted in 2018 suggested chamomile teas can alter cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone.

Natural remedies for depression

  • Ginseng: It is a very commonly used plant derived from the plant Panax. Chinese medicine practitioners have used this root for many years to help improve mental clarity as well as energy and also to reduce the effects of stress.
  • John’s wort: This plant is a standard herbal medicine used for many years in treating mental health problems. A 2016 review found the plant to work well in treating depression and worked similarly to antidepressant medications.
  • Eating healthy: There is no particular magic diet to fix depression, but it is beneficial for the mind and body if you have a proper food diet. If depression makes you overeat, then controlling your food habits might help reduce your stress.
  • Trying out new things: Even though it feels difficult to do anything when you’re depressed, pushing yourself to do different things might help elevate your mood. For example, reading a book in a park or volunteering for outdoor work.

Additionally, exercise is a helpful natural remedy for anxiety and depression. Exercising is a beneficial and great way of burning anxious energy. It is also found to help treat individuals with anxiety who have recently quit smoking.

Exercising also temporarily boosts endorphins in our body. These endorphins are the natural chemicals manufactured in our body that make us feel good and happy. Exercising regularly can be beneficial for you if you have depression.


Natural remedies for anxiety and depression are opted for by many people nowadays. This is mainly because natural remedies to anxiety and depression virtually do not cause many side effects compared to pharmaceutical medications, sedatives, and narcotics. It is also considered to be much cheaper and more reliable.

As clinical medications and therapies can tend to become addicting, people often employ the use of natural remedies for anxiety and depression to reduce their dependence on them. Clinical medications also contain large amounts of chemicals, so many people are reluctant to use them.

Through its various methods and techniques, it’s pretty safe and conducive to implying how Natural remedies for anxiety and depression are equally effective or even more so than other types of treatment.

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