Energy Healing Near Me by Dr. Tsan

Energy healing near me – one of the most popular keywords people who believe in natural approaches in holistic medicine use. Anything you can imagine in this universe is energy. All living nature, tree, every gem or crystal is energy.  The understanding process is a method in which a physician restores or balances the body’s energy for better health through the hands.

Energy Healing Near Me

The technique has been in existence for a very long time and it has been used to treat various health problems and the healing process has been positive. Different approaches are used, such as Exercise, deactivation, and also remote healing, whereby the healer and the patient are in different places. It is quite surprising that a high percentage of studies show that distance healing interventions showed a positive therapeutic effect on every disease.

It treats the illness caused by the disruption of the flow of energy in the body. It is assumed that the person is healed automatically when the energy flow is fixed.  is categorized into different techniques that work differently in other to achieve the same goal of healing a patient.

Clinical studies have confirmed the impact of some of the energy types of healing techniques such as polarity therapy and Reiki technique to have helped to relieve cancer in affected patients. This type of technique which is spiritual has also shown positive results in healing different diseases both physical and emotional without the use and application of substances. This energy form of healing is not only prone to physical illness, but also to spiritual growth. Recent research carried out has shown a positive impact on breast cancer patients who received long-term therapy.

On the other hand, another type of healing technique such as QiGong is an ancient Chinese art that combines gentle physical movements, it also involves mental concentration and deep breathing, and the aim is focusing on a specific area of ​​the body. This type of technique is an effective and non-aggressive practice that balances the body, mind, and soul. Also, note that the QiGong technique has been proven to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. It has proven useful in the treatment of conditions such as leukopenia.

The different types of energy healing near me

Reiki healing near me

This therapy is offered to a person with traditional medicine to cure a disease. This therapy uses AI or energy to help others. The Reiki Healing technique is achievable to yield positive results through different hand movements and specific symbols are used to channel the energy of the universe in other to heal the body. This type of technique can be used to cure diseases like colds, flu, headaches, and stomach pain. It is also shown positive results on the cure of heart disease.

The Reiki healing technique is also used in spiritual exercises to bring divine energy back into the body so that the energy can determine which parts of the body need to be healed without wasting time.

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing involves using the life force of the body to heal the body’s energy. This type of therapy is used to remove toxins from the body, accelerating the physical healing process.

The Pranic healing technique stimulates calming effects on the body. The way this technique works is different, patients’ needs to first eradicate any negative thoughts and emotions in their mind before they can go on with the healing. According to the inventor of Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui, says: it is possible this technique requires the energy of the sun, moon and other natural resources that are being used and joined with the patient invisible energy or aura and instantly any health disorder are being repaired and cured. These technique does not cure only physical damage such as migraines and muscle aches, but it also cures emotional disorders. Pranic healing technique is being carried out in parallel with traditional medical treatments.

Crystal healing

In Crystal healing process, stones, and crystals are used to remove impurities from the body. Crystal healing has different effects on the body, and the aim is to target different types of physical, emotional, and spiritual problems. This technique helps to eradicate the negative energy of the body that can cause a disturbance in mental and physical well-being.

Quantum healing

Quantum healing is based on the fundamentals of resonance and entertainment. To achieve technique, the energy level of the body needs to be increased by breathing faster and also visualizing the flow of energy. Quantum healing is ideal to boost the immune system.


Qigong technique is mainly used to restore the balance of the body that is lost. Qigong healing technique has a long history and it consists of coordinated body movements that involve breathing and meditation to help stimulate health and spirituality. This technique is traced back to Chinese ancient medicine and Qigong is ideal to help balance the positive energy of the body in order to remain healthy.


The human body system can perform thousands of functions at a time, however, if you do not feel well, you would realize by yourself that something is wrong with your body.

All over the world all-natural objects including flora, fauna, and humans have energy that helps contribute to their life force, but the sad news is that these energy forces can be blocked or damaged and when this happens, this is when the physical body becomes affected. Throughout human history, energy healers have focused on repairing and unlocking the flow of energy and restoring health and wellbeing using hundreds of different techniques to restore the body as a whole.

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