Effective Home And Natural Remedies for Baby Eczema Treatment

Baby eczema treatment

Baby eczema treatment must be natural and safe to prevent side effects from the steroids that usually prescribed. Eczema is widespread among children. About 8.7%-18.1% of all children and infants develop atopic dermatitis. 70% of eczema cases develop in children below the age of 5, and 60% of these children continue to have symptoms even in adulthood. Generally, over the counter medications and prescription drugs are prescribed to control this condition; however, they can often be aggressive, particularly for young children. It’s essential that you consider a holistic and safe approach if your child is suffering from eczema.

If you’re looking for baby eczema treatment, you might want to consider natural and home remedies for baby eczema. If you want to know how to treat baby eczema naturally, read below.

baby eczema treatment


What does baby eczema look like?

If your baby is suffering from eczema, their skin will be rough and itchy, as well as patches of dry and red skin. Any part of their body can suffer from eczema. Generally, the joints of their legs, arms, and cheeks are the most affected. People often confuse baby eczema with cradle cap; however, some important differences exist. Compared to eczema, the cradle cap is less scaly and red and affects mostly the eyebrows, eyelids, nose, scalp, and behind your baby’s ears. It also clears up within eight months.

What Causes Baby Eczema?

It is often hereditary. If you have eczema, your children will likely have it as well. If your baby has problems with their skin barrier, germs and moisture can lead to baby eczema. This skin condition arises when it produces too little of a ceramide fatty cell. If there’s an insufficiency of these cells, the skin loses water and becomes very dry.

If you’re looking for a safe yet effective baby eczema treatment, various natural and home remedies can relieve symptoms.

Home and Natural Approach for Baby Eczema

Home remedies for baby eczema are effective, affordable, and easily accessible. At times, the results can be very remarkable.

baby eczema treatment

Aloe Vera Gel – Most popular home approach to Baby Eczema

This miraculous plant has been used for centuries to treat various conditions and illnesses. It is one of the most popular home remedies for baby eczema. Aloe Vera gel has numerous healthy properties, such as:

  • Wound-healing
  • Immune system-boosting
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-bacterial

With eczema comes dry and cracked skin, increasing the chances of skin infections; Aloe Vera, thanks to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, can prevent this. Its wound-healing properties can encourage healing and soothe broken skin.

Coconut Oil is another effective natural Baby eczema treatment.

Coconut is also a useful and one of the safest natural remedies for baby eczema. It’s very rich in anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties yet gentle, making it a very popular choice for baby eczema treatment. Studies support the effectiveness of coconut oil for baby eczema. One study compared virgin coconut oil to mineral oil and found the former to be more effective In treating baby eczema.

Oatmeal baths – a most popular natural remedy for baby eczema

For centuries, people have used colloidal oatmeal as a natural remedy for skin irritation and itching. Some research shows that oatmeal can balance the skin’s pH level and minimize inflammation, making it a very effective natural baby eczema treatment. If you want to use this natural remedy, you must fill a sock with a handful of oatmeal and keep it under the tap while running your baby’s bath. Make sure that the bathwater has a milky appearance. It’s a very simple and cheap treatment for baby eczema.

Tea Tree Oil – essential home remedy for baby eczema

Tea tree essential oil is very potent and has anti-bacterial properties that can prevent infection due to baby eczema. It also possesses healing and skin-hydrating properties that repair skin damage and soothe the skin. Tea tree oil possesses various skin benefits; however, pure essential oil might be too aggressive for babies. You should dilute it with water or mix a few drops with a gentle moisturizer for baby eczema treatment.

Sea Salt Baths must be used as a natural baby eczema treatment.

Thanks to the minerals in sea salts, it has various benefits for the skin. It has anti-bacterial properties, which are very helpful in preventing infection from eczema. Soaking your baby in a sea salt bath for about 20 minutes will prove beneficial in reducing symptoms of itchiness and soothing their skin. This treatment is also simple and easy; all you’ve to do is mix a generous amount of sea salt with warm water and mix until the salt dissolves. Due to its gentle yet effective nature, it’s a beautiful remedy for baby eczema.

Loose Clothes – hygienic part of baby eczema treatment

Along with home remedies for baby eczema, you can make some lifestyle changes to prevent flare-ups. Tight clothing can lead to sweating and the spreading of eczema, causing bacteria. It can also aggravate the rashes and cause itchiness. If your baby has eczema, ensure they don’t wear tight-fitting clothes. These small changes and natural remedies for baby eczema can go a long way.

Homeopathy for dermatitis in babies is scientifically proven to be a natural treatment for baby eczema.

Homeopathy also offers various natural remedies for baby eczema. This alternative medicine is remarkable because the medications are just as effective as prescription drugs yet gentle enough to be used on babies. A study shows homeopathy has an impressive 85% success rate in baby eczema treatment. There are various homeopathic remedies, and treatment can be personalized for individual cases. However, the homeopathic remedy sulfur, in particular, has shown very promising results.

Does Baby Dermatitis Go Away by Itself?

In most cases, baby eczema does go away on its own. Generally, children outgrow this condition before they start school. However, some can carry it to their adulthood as well. Some people can have long periods without symptoms but still suffer from dry skin.


Baby eczema is generally not a severe condition; the symptoms can go away independently. Prescription drugs and medications can often be too aggressive, so you might want to try out home remedies for baby eczema. They can often provide impressive results. If the remedies mentioned above don’t deliver results, consult your pediatrician.

In most cases, homeopathic remedies for babies who suffer from eczema are effective, safe, and affordable.

For homeopathic evaluation and further baby eczema treatment, contact the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic and schedule an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Tsan.