Emotional exhaustion and treatment in 2021

Emotional Exhaustion

Emotional exhaustion

Emotional exhaustion is a state of psychological energy deficiency and fatigue as a result of accumulated stress in your personal or work life, or as a result of a combination of both. Emotional exhaustion is one of the symptoms of psychological burnout. While in burnout condition people often feel that they have no power or control over what happens in life. Folks may experience being “stuck” or “caught” in circumstances.

Mental health amongst Americans is at its wickedest in the last 20 years, and demand for psychiatric care is at an all-time high. As psychiatrists and forefront professionals in this mental health crisis, we have a tremendous collective responsibility. But the physical loss and the emotional nature of our work have left many of us struggling with the emotional exhaustion of the pandemic era.

Emotional exhaustion

To help others and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, we need to set an example by being more open about our own challenges and helping ourselves first.

In addition, I would be remiss if I did not address practical measures that employers can take, be it a hospital or private practice, support mental health professionals by reducing time spent on tasks outside of helping patients, such as administrative work.

The frequency of physicians’ emotional exhaustion 

emotional exhaustion among physicians

Doctors die of suicide at twice the rate of any other profession, with about one doctor dying every day. The deficiency of time for self-care and the shame about looking for help – expanded by the even extended hours and isolation of the pandemic decorates a miserable picture for the well-being of healthcare employees.

Therapy is essential for all of us, but it’s more complex for mental health workers during emotional exhaustion time

Fortunately, the concept of therapy is becoming less taboo. When I was a child, therapy was not something people did and did, they never talked about it. You were more likely to hear about someone who consulted the probation officer than the psychiatrist. Today, mental health is seen as an important part of our health, self-care, and personal and professional stability. Especially when we end a fiscal year with practically a third of the US workforce approaching emotional exhaustion, companies are focusing on the mental health of their employees and studying its impact on productivity.

Treatment for burnout

But it gets complicated for a psychiatrist. I will be the first to admit that we are not well conditioned to process the truths that we have spent our lives helping our patients to accept. It is difficult to fit into that patient role and receive therapy.

In the United States, there is an average of 30 psychiatrists for every 100,000 people, and for psychiatrists, there are not many degrees of separation from a therapist and someone else in your life, maybe. Be another patient. You usually meet another colleague that you might meet later on a work obligation.

Like many who face emotional exhaustion, I reached my own crossroads and wondered if I wanted to do this for the rest of my life or if there was some other purpose that this work served. my life. Although I cannot alleviate the emotional load from my peers, I decided to co-found Talkiatry, a mental health service designed with the needs of providers in mind, to address other issues that contribute to emotional exhaustion. of the psychiatrist.

How tech has helped the mental health industry

A positive development this year is the widespread use of telepsychiatry, which allows for greater scheduling flexibility. When you think about the overtime needed to equip psychiatric PSs 24 hours a day, it can be logistically difficult for these workers to seek their own help.

Back office advances, such as simplifying electronic medical records and automating administrative tasks, can free up a significant amount of time for mental health professionals. Quartet Health, Mindstrong, American Well, and eClinicalWorks are some other examples of companies that are improving processes for us so that we can dedicate more time to our patients and our personal well-being.

2020 forced us to take stock of our own lives and to face difficult truths. Frontline employees were celebrated, but we need to talk more about the emotional battles we have on a daily basis and the supportive environment we need to better help others.

Help for emotional burnout in Philadelphia

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