What Does Holistic Mean in Skincare and Why Is It Important?

Holistic Skincare

Skincare – keep your skin healthy.

Skincare doesn’t only mean using different products to make your skin look better. While it’s true that you can use a variety of products to achieve this goal, a holistic approach is also important. Holistic skincare considers different aspects of your health and well-being to achieve better skin.

Read on if you want to know more about holistic skincare and its importance.

What Is Holistic Skincare?

Holistic skincare is looking at your overall health to improve your appearance. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Thus, different factors affect its condition.

These include your diet, stress level, lifestyle habits, sleep patterns, emotional state, etc. By considering how these factors impact your skin, you can get the best results possible from your skincare routine.

The main purpose of holistic skincare is to take care of all parts of your body as one whole unit. This includes your mind, emotions, and physical health. So if you want to achieve the best results with your skincare routine, you need to consider different aspects of your life.

Holistic Skincare

Importance of Holistic Skin Treatment.

Here are some reasons why holistic skincare is important:

It improves your overall health.

When you focus on your mental and physical health rather than just your skin, you’ll be able to see improvements in other areas of your life. Unhealthy lifestyles or poor eating habits can increase your likelihood of developing diseases and medical conditions. However, focusing on improving your overall health makes you less likely to suffer from such problems.

You’re more likely to feel good.

Focusing on your emotional and mental well-being leads to more positive feelings. If you feel happy and healthy, you’re more likely to have a positive outlook on life. Holistic skincare takes into account your overall well-being so that you can enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Your skin will look better.

A holistic approach to skincare means paying attention to all the factors that influence your skin. When you do this, you’re more likely to notice an improvement in your appearance. You may even find that your skin becomes clearer and smoother after following a holistic skincare regimen.

You’ll spend less time worrying about your skin.

When you pay attention to your overall health and well-being, you’re less likely to worry about your skin. Instead, you’ll focus on what matters most – living a healthy lifestyle. Good health can positively impact your skin, so you’ll have fewer concerns about your appearance.

How to Practice Holistic Skincare

There are several ways you can improve your overall health to get better skin. Here are some tips:

Eat right

The foods you eat directly affect your skin. Diets that are high in fat and sugar can have an adverse effect on your skin. As such, you need to limit your processed and sugary food intake. Instead, choose healthy alternatives like fruits, vegetables, and lean protein to reduce pimples and prevent bad skin.

Drink plenty of water

Water is one of the most important elements of your daily diet. When you drink enough water, your skin looks healthier. It keeps your skin hydrated and elastic. Also, drinking lots of water helps flush toxins out of your system.


Exercising regularly improves blood circulation, which promotes cell turnover and makes your skin glow. However, you don’t have to go to the gym daily to see great results. Even simple exercises like walking, jogging, and yoga, can help.

Sleep well

Sleeping well is essential to good health. Lack of sleep can cause acne breakouts, dark circles around your eyes, and other issues. Make sure you get adequate rest so you can maintain a healthy complexion.

Manage stress

Stress has a negative effect on your skin. If you’re under too much pressure or feel overwhelmed, it will show up on your face. Cortisol, the hormone released during stress, causes inflammation and increases oil production. You can limit stress by taking breaks from work, meditating, or talking to family, friends, or a professional.

Take supplements

Taking certain vitamins and minerals can help improve the quality of your skin. Vitamin C, D, E, and K are some examples. These nutrients promote cell growth and repair damaged cells. They also prevent premature aging of the skin.

Limit alcohol intake and avoid smoking

Alcohol and tobacco use can damage your skin. They can lead to dryness and wrinkles, making your skin look older than its years. Limit your consumption of these substances as much as possible.

Protect your skin from the sun

Sun exposure is another factor that affects your skin. It’s best to apply sunscreen before going outside. You can also use physical protection, such as hats, sunglasses, and umbrellas, to protect yourself from the sun.

Skincare in Holistic Clinic – The Bottom Line

When it comes to holistic skincare, many factors affect your skin. Your diet, exercise habits, and stress levels all affect how your skin looks. You can reduce the number of things that negatively impact your skin by focusing on your overall health. The tips above are just some ways to make positive changes to your lifestyle for a better appearance.

If you are interested in holistic skincare, including facial acupuncture and buccal massage, visit Philadelphia Holistic Clinic or call (267) 403-3085 for an appointment. Meet our acupuncturist David Wu, LAc, and esthetician Marina Latman, LE.

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