Using Essential oils For Balancing Our Hormones

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can be to blame for a range of unwanted symptoms, from fatigue or weight gain to itchy skin or moodiness.

Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. These powerful chemicals are produced in the endocrine glands and travel through your bloodstream. They tell tissues and organs what to do. They help control many of your body’s most important processes, including metabolism and reproduction.

When you have a hormonal imbalance, you have too much or too little of a particular hormone. Even tiny changes can have serious effects on your entire body.

Think of hormones like a cake recipe. Too much or too little of an ingredient affects the end product.

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While some hormone levels fluctuate throughout your life and may just be the result of natural aging, other changes will occur when your endocrine glands are given the wrong prescription.

There are many things that can cause hormonal imbalances – stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, pregnancy, puberty, or menopause. Hormonal balance is important to our overall health, and using essential oils can be a great natural approach to holistic health.

In this article, read about:

  • What causes hormonal imbalances?
  • Essential oils for hormone health.
  • Essential oils for symptoms of hormonal imbalances.
  • The ideal blend of essential oils to balance hormones
  • Essential oil for night sweats
  • Start your self-care routine
  • Attend a yoga workshop to restore hormonal balance.

Hormonal imbalances are very common today. Whether having a baby or starting menopause, as women, we need to nourish our bodies and practice self-care more than ever!

What causes hormonal imbalances?

One of the causes of hormonal imbalances is the period of transition from fertility to menopause, called perimenopause. This period can last from a few months to a few years, during which women may experience a wide range of symptoms, including hot flashes, mood swings, and fatigue, among others.

Causes of hormonal imbalances

We can also experience major hormonal changes after childbirth, which can lead to mood swings, crying spells, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. This condition is aka postpartum or postpartum depression or baby sadness.

Nutrition and lifestyle have a major impact on hormonal balance, but the powerful effects of making simple, natural changes are often overlooked.

How Essential oils work for hormonal imbalances

Hormones are chemical messengers that transmit information in the body. It is very easy for levels to be disrupted, however, and women are particularly prone to common challenges like:

o stress

o Lack of sleep

o Blood sugar instability

o malnutrition

o High intake of stimulants like caffeine and sugar

o alcohol

o environmental toxins

o Chronic inflammation

o Low or extremely high training level

o mood swings

o hot flashes

o Loss of libido

Diet and lifestyle have a huge impact on hormone levels, but the powerful effects of simple changes are often overlooked.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance

With just a few small steps, you can learn how to alleviate or reduce many of the challenges you faced. Not only you have to stay hydrated and cut back on caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, you’ll also have to get more exercise with yoga and use essential oils on a daily basis.

Essential oils that help to alleviate symptoms of hormonal imbalances

You will want to look for a combination of oils that support your body throughout the perimenopause experience. The blend that you may use to balance hormones contains some of the best essential oils to support your overall well-being. It also uses oils that help to better manage the hormonal roller coaster we go through during perimenopause.

Natural Treatment

Clary sage

Clary sage is an incredibly effective essential oil. It helps to balance estrogen levels and ensures the long-term health of the uterus, promotes hair and scalp health, keeps cortisol levels stable, and calms the body and mind. Clary sage aims to open blood vessels and allow increased blood circulation to flow through; it also naturally lowers blood pressure by relaxing the brain and arteries. And, hot flashes can be corrected naturally with the help of clary sage.


Studies have shown that lavender helps reduce symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, headaches, and heart palpitations in some people. The oil made from this herb keeps cortisol levels constant while soothing the body and mind and stimulating your libido. Lavender correspondingly promotes healthy hair and scalp, healthy sleep.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is best known for its intoxicating aroma, which can calm and soothe the mind and body while relieving stress and tension. It also helps reduce anxiety and depression. This oil is also great for fighting low libido, another common symptom of menopause. Promotes a positive outlook and provides antioxidant support.


Geranium can naturally support estrogen levels while also supporting a healthy mood. It also promotes fair skin, healthy hair and helps relieve depression.


Bergamot is great for mental clarity and works by both energizing and relaxing the body and mind, calming the nerves, and easing the feeling of stress.


You can also apply essential oils such as clary sage, lavender, and geranium to the abdomen during your menstrual cycle for a soothing massage.

The perfect essential oil blend to balance hormones

I’ve been using essential oils for the past few years to help rebalance my hormones. Here is the mix that is recommended for use and here is how to make this custom mix at home.


  • 10 drops of clary sage
  • 8 drops of lavender
  • 8 drops of geranium
  • 4 drops of bergamot
  • 4 drops of ylang-ylang
  • Carrier oil of your choice (fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil)

We recommend using doTERRA oils in your blends for their purity, high quality, and CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® oils, but there are other good quality brands as well.

You can also apply essential oils such as Clary Sage, Lavender, and Geranium to the abdomen during your menstrual cycle when you want a comforting massage.


In a 10ml rollerball glass bottle, add essential oils and fill the top with a carrier oil. Replace the lid, the lid and rotate to combine the ingredients. How to use: Pass the mixture over the ovaries and pulse points (neck, ankles, and wrists) 2 to 3 times a day.

The blend of essential oils for night sweats as a result of hormonal imbalances

My patient has been suffering from night sweats for many months as the symptoms of menopause have increased. Night sweating is caused by changes in hormone levels that affect body temperature control. Avoiding stimulants like caffeine and alcohol can help. We prescribed her recently this mixture and it helped a lot!

Grapefruit oil can help maintain a healthy metabolism. Add a drop to a little water to add flavor to your day.

Lime oil is known for its cleansing properties and is frequently used as an internal detoxicated agent. Lime oil can similarly stimulate healthy immune function. Also, try adding a drop to some drinking water.

In addition, researchers in a 2014 study found that postmenopausal women who inhaled the family of citrus essential oils experienced fewer physical symptoms of menopause.

Peppermint herb has been rated as a multipurpose plant and can reduce discomfort when hot flashes occur.

Thyme is one of the best essential oils to stabilize hormones. The thymol – the main ingredient of thyme oil is thought to have antispasmodic properties because it balances hormone levels. Thyme essential oil also demonstrates progesterone rebalancing effects and thus benefiting the body by improving progesterone production.

Here is the blend we used to help with night sweats and here’s how to make this custom blend at home.


  • 10 drops of grapefruit
  • 10 drops of lime
  • 2 drops of peppermint
  • 5 drops of thyme
  • Carrier oil of your choice (fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil)


In a 10ml glass bottle, add the essential oils and fill it with your carrier oil. Replace the top, cap, and shake to combine the ingredients.

To use: Roll the mixture onto your palms and rub it into your lower back. Use on the wrist points (neck, ankles, and wrists) or on the soles of the feet 2-3 times a day.

Start your self-care routine for hormonal imbalances

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is to compliment my self-care routine, which can also be a great way to relieve perimenopause symptoms.

Practicing yoga is a great way to support your self-care. It gets your mind and body moving and helps lower cortisol levels naturally. Try spreading lavender essential oil or put a drop on the yoga mat before starting the practice. Dr. Tsan recommends applying a drop behind my ears and wrists so that you can get both physical and aromatherapy benefits throughout my practice. Dr. Tsan also suggests infusing your eye pillow with lavender for a truly relaxing Savasana.

Luckily for us, a wide range of perimenopause + postpartum depression resources are available today that can support your body during these transitions. Try making your own essential oil blends using the ingredients and method above and let me know how it helps support you in the comments below.


Essential oils and other natural solutions can help you make hormonal changes. Note, however, that it is important to consult a trusted doctor or health care provider if your symptoms are more than you can handle. Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a doctor cared for, call your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Conclusion on hormonal imbalances

Essential oils can make significant changes to our body and these changes always positive if the use of essential oils recommended by a medical professional trained in this area. As any medicine that treats essential oils can lead to an adverse effect if used inappropriately. Always ask a trained medical professional which essential oils blend to use for your symptoms. If you need professional help schedule your appointment for evaluation and treatment with Dr. Tsan. He will perform some computerized taskings and will find out which particular hormonal imbalances causing your symptoms and propose the best blend of oils.

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